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  • Warning: Don't invest a cent in ETFs until you tick these three boxes...
  • No other investment vehicle can give you access to a more diversified fund as quickly and cheaply as ETFs can. They're so popular, in fact, that there are over 4,000 ETFs available in the world right now. But the one thing people will never tell you is that not all ETFs are created the same. That's why today, I'll reveal the three most crucial boxes you need to tick before you invest your cash in ETFs - regardless of whether you're investing in local or offshore ETFs.... ››› Read more
  • [11 February 2016]
  • Is the time right to buy these 'down and out shares' today?
  • What a time we've had… Since November 2015, the JSE All Share Index crashed 11.8%. The Small-Cap index dropped 18%! You might've thought you were prepared for a market crash like this when you started investing… But I bet you're panicking now. It's tough. It's scary. And it really isn't nice to see your entire portfolio of shares crash like this. Today, I want to give you some good and bad news…... ››› Read more
  • [11 February 2016]
  • “Government could nationalise everything - And you're still telling us to invest?”
  • When I opened my emails this morning I received a message from Kel. Kel wanted to know if I'm crazy. In short, I recently told you how Zuma plans to turn our property into his new cash cow. There's the land valuation act as well as the new expropriation act that will be signed into law, and in combination these two pieces of law give the president, his ministers and government employees the power to TAKE our property. But Kel's problem with my whole message is that I'm still saying ‘invest in South Africa'. In fact, I'm a property investor myself. Isn't that just crazy?... ››› Read more
  • [10 February 2016]
  • “How can I save some money every month to trade Forex?"
  • First, I want to thank you for your questions on the Investors club. Every question you ask, helps me get an idea on what you need to trade more successfully. This year I want to make sure I answer as many of your burning questions as possible. And starting today, I thought we'd address this question from Markus.... ››› Read more
  • [10 February 2016]
  • These four profit sucking costs could ruin you as a trader
  • You read all about the wonderful profit opportunities that are in the market. And I'm sure in your mind or on paper, you know exactly what shares you want to pile in for the year. But there's still one tiny little thing missing. It's the one thing that salesman, brokers and even your friends forget to tell you about. The four hidden costs of trading. And today, I'm going to break these costs down simply for you before you lose an unnecessary chunk of your money.... ››› Read more
  • [05 February 2016]
  • Warning: “South Africa's economy is flirting on recession” Here's what you must do…
  • On Tuesday, the World Bank announced it cut South Africa's economic growth forecast to 0.8% in 2016. Followed by the words, “The economy is flirting with stagnation if not recession”. What's more is, the World Bank's economic outlook for South Africa is in line with the IMF's - which estimates economic growth rate to reach 0.7%. The bottom line is your investments are at risk. So, if you want to improve your portfolio's risk/return profile, adding fixed income funds creates a more balanced portfolio, strengthens diversification and calms volatility. Today I'm going to tell you a little more about these investment vehicles and what they can do for you...... ››› Read more
  • [05 February 2016]
  • The 12 most important trading tips from 12 years of trading!
  • A day does not go by where I haven't learnt something about trading. It's more dynamic than you'll ever imagine. You see, every year there's an influx of new information feeding the market, • Fundamentals • Political and economical influences • Corruption • Manipulation • New opportunities to trade And with each factor that influences the markets, changes the trading environments completely. For example. Just a few years ago we had a raging bull market for gold, resources and emerging markets. Today we're talking about market crashes from different sectors that have been going on. So, you can see things are changing. Today I want to give you a lesson for every year I've been trading in the markets. Here are the twelve most important trading lessons...... ››› Read more
  • [05 February 2016]

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