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Antique investments - Two trends that are going virtually unnoticed in the alternative investment industry

by , 11 May 2016
Antique investments - Two trends that are going virtually unnoticed in the  alternative investment industry
How would you like to own a home accessory that not only looks nice, but could potentially be worth thousands - even hundreds of thousands - of rand in a few years from now?

I'm sure you'd like that a lot...

Most collectible experts punt the likes of coins, art and stamps as the best places to increase your investment capital in the alternative investment market.

But today I'm going to give you the details about two trends that are going virtually unnoticed in the alternative investment industry. Unlike coins, art and stamps, you don't need stockpiles of cash to get into them.

Let's get to it...

Alternative investment #1: Antique silver

José de Souza, renowned antique collector says, collectors love silver because it’s one of the few antiques that can be positively identified. In fact, the hallmarking of British silver is one of the world’s oldest consumer protection systems.”
Generally speaking, silver items older than 100 years old are considered antiques and, like all collectibles, certain pieces are more sought after than others.
Now, you might wonder where you could find British silver in South Africa. It’s really quite simple and easier than you may think. South Africa was a popular destination for British silver, think back to the British settlers coming to the country.
If you have British heritage, chances are that your predecessors had silver items like vases, cutlery and candlesticks. If you have old pieces of silver handed down to you by your parents, grandparents or even great grandparents. Have your silverware appraised – You may be pleasantly surprised.

Alternative investment #2: Vintage glass a cost effective collectable item


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Although glassware is quite common these days, it was less common back in the days when everything was made by hand. The fragility of glass products and the fact that few antique glass pieces survive is where the investment value of vintage glass stems from.
But the real reason why vintage glassware is so sought after by collectors and investors is that every era of glassware has its distinct characteristics. Among these, hand-painted pieces and items dipped in gold, tend to be in highest demand. If you can find vintage glassware that contains the artist signature, it’s even more precious and desirable.
For more information about investing in collectibles – including silver and vintage glassware – speak to José de Souza by calling (011) 880-8092.

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