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Guaranteed protection and growth: This investment is only available for a limited time

by , 08 June 2017

In this uncertain environment, investors want capital protection while not wanting to miss market performance.

Normally as an investment advisor, I would say it is impossible to have both, security and market exposure.

But the good news is, there's now a way to tap into an investment that provide exactly this.

The catch?

This investment is only available for a limited time. So you need to act quickly.

So what investment am I talking about?

I know it works, because…
I've done it myself.
My name is Joshua Benton.
I'm one of hundreds of investors to have taken the 'Rite of Wealth'.
It's been the foundation of my entire investing career. I've seen how valuable it's been throughout my career…
In fact, I've managed to outperform the JSE All Share and every fund manager by more than double over the past six years.
I actually made my subscribers wealth grow  – all thanks to this.
But here's the thing…
You don't need to 'know the right people' to go through this 'Rite of Wealth'… and you don't need to have six figures in the bank.
It's just as accessible to private investors as it is to professionals.
By choosing to take the 'Rite of Wealth' today, you'll have secured your access to a way of identifying stocks – all investments, in fact – that is proven to make incredible sums of money.
Growth in structured products have been exponential
Ever since I first became aware of the structured product market in South Africa, I have endeavoured to learn as much as I could about this attractive, though often confusing product class.
Every month several local and international institutions release a slew of structured products into the market.
It’s quite difficult to keep up with them all, especially since they are only available for a few weeks or months at most.
Due to the complexity of the products as well as the fact that you are continually faced with a new batch that may look similar on the surface but are actually fundamentally different.
Most retail investors miss the opportunity they offer.
That said, growth in this product class has been exponential.
I have searched for the best offering in each batch and have invariably found one or two exceptional examples each month.
This month is no different. 
Forex lets YOU control your profit potential
We provided a simple trade idea to our members: We tell them exactly what they should pay and the steps they needed to take if they want to put the trade into place.
On 3 May 2017, we sent one of our simple SMS and email alerts, complete with specific instructions to exit the position.
Our members who followed our instructions walked away with 54% in gains. In just one days.

My structured product pick for June…
It’s called The Capital Enhancer. 
And it offers investors…
  • Total capital protection.
  • Exposure to UK and Europe, without any exchange rate risk.
  • A minimum return of 78% if market is positive.
  • Unlimited upside if the market is above 78%
  • Security as it’s backed by a bank with a better credit rating than the South African Government
In addition, this product is in a tax efficient wrapper, meaning that you will pay just 12% of your profit away in taxes.
After tax, you will walk away with a minimum return of 66%, if the benchmark is positive.
However, the 12% return does not sound incredibly attractive, note that it is after tax.
For someone paying a 45% marginal tax rate, they would need returns of 20% per year. This is well above the average return on the JSE.
This product is only available for June 2017. If you’d like to find out more information, you can email support@randswiss.com.
Viv Govender,
Wealth Manager, Rand Swiss

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