Three festive driving tips to save you money and keep you safe

by , 17 November 2016
Three festive driving tips to save you money and keep you safe
We live in such a vast and beautiful country and if you're like me, then you enjoy long driving holidays.

I love the feel of the road beneath the wheels, the power of the engine and the ever-changing scenery on the journey. I love singing with my family and counting the windmills as we drive.

But, I don't like pulling into petrol stations along the way and filling up my tank. It just costs so much money. Even with the petrol price not moving, many of us can't afford to waste any money on petrol this year.

That's why I've decided to give you three tips to save you money on your driving holiday this festive season.


Festive driving savings tip 1: Have your car checked before you hit the road

Before you hit the road, take your car for a service. I know that this might cost you money initially, but it can save you thousands in the long-run. 

Check your air, petrol and oil filters and replace them if they are dirty. Clean filters help to keep your car more fuel efficient and safe on long journeys. You’ll cause long-term damage to your car’s engine if you don’t keep your filters clean. 

Have your mechanic check your brake pads and engine oil too. You wouldn’t want to cause unnecessary costly damage to your car because you failed to maintain it. 

Finally, have your tyres checked. Nothing can destroy a well-deserved holiday like a burst tyre on a busy highway. It’ll cost you thousands to fix your car or to call a towing service. 

Remember: Make sure your car is in good shape. It’s not only good for your wallet but can also save the lives of you and your passengers. 


Festive driving savings tip 2: Plan your journey and cut down on costs

It’s important to plan your journey before you leave. If you’re driving to a remote location, check that you have the safest route to get there. The shortest route isn’t always the most fuel efficient or pothole free. 

So, here are a few things to consider in your planning: 

  • Fewer stop signs and traffic lights mean better fuel efficiency

  • Make sure you drive on tarred national roads

  • Pack enough food and drinks to avoid those costly roadside shops

  • Petrol is cheaper at the coast than inland so remember to fill up closer to the water

  • Fill up early in the morning or later at night – Gas is denser during cooler hours which means you’ll get more.


Festive driving savings tip 3: Save your money and your life by driving responsibly 

We all know how dangerous the roads are over the festive season. Ironically, this tip can help save your money and your life. 

  • Watch your speed – The faster you drive the more petrol you use so stay below the speed limit

  • Don’t spin your tyres – Fast acceleration wears out your tyre tread and uses more petrol

  • Keep a safe following distance – You won’t have to brake too fast which saves your tyres, your brake pads and your petrol consumption

I hope you follow these tips on your long journey. 

Not only will they help you get the most out of your petrol tank, they’ll also help you to be safer on the roads so that you can reduce your stress and save yourself as much as possible on your driving holiday this year.

Don’t drink and drive – I’d like you to join me on the MoneyClub again next year after your nice refreshing and well-deserved break.

Let's build your wealth together,


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Three festive driving tips to save you money and keep you safe
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