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  • Four retirement tips for young adults
  • When you're in your 20's or 30's, you're probably not considering saving money for retirement. You may have student loans to pay or credit card debt and retirement seems so distant, it makes no sense to start saving now. But what if I told you that starting to save early for retirement is one of the best things you could do to secure your financial future? The sooner you start, the better off... ››› more
  • [19 August 2014]
  • Four smart strategies for retirement
  • If you've reached retirement or are getting very close to retiring, you know by now that the sooner you start saving for this period, the better. How much money you'll have when you retire largely depends on how you've lived your life up to that point. If you've made sound financial choices all your life and have managed your money well, then your chances of retiring comfortably increase. W... ››› more
  • [18 August 2014]
  • Five ways to increase your retirement savings
  • Retirement shouldn't take you by surprise. The problem is that most people do not have nearly enough money saved up for retirement. If you're in your 50's or 60's, there are no shortcuts - you have to take action now. You can maximize your retirement savings and make sure you have enough money to live comfortably for the next 20 years or so after retirement by acting responsibly and planni... ››› more
  • [29 July 2014]
  • Retirement tips for late starters
  • Are you pushing 50 and still haven't managed to save much for retirement? Although time is of essence, you can still make up for the lost time, as long as you are willing to make certain sacrifices. If you feel that time is not on your side and that you should make some serious changes to prepare for retirement, here are some tips to get you started. Start saving big. NOW.   If you hav... ››› more
  • [28 July 2014]
  • Three affordable retirement destinations
  • Retirement is the time when you should enjoy yourself and do all the things you've always dreamed of, but never had the chance. Retirement is also the time when you can relocate, change your lifestyle completely, and move to an exotic, far-away land. Not all retirees can afford expensive destinations for retirement, so here are some more inexpensive options you can consider. Affordable ret... ››› more
  • [25 July 2014]
  • How to catch up on your retirement savings
  • Are you in your late 40's or 50's and worried that you have not managed to save a substantial amount for retirement? Even as a late starter, you can still make up for the lost time, but you have to act fast and start saving much more than planned. It may be time to take some drastic actions, but it will all be worth it when you retire.  Here is how to catch up on your retirement savings... ››› more
  • [24 July 2014]
  • 5 ways to boost your retirement savings
  • Saving for retirement should be a lifetime goal. However, due to a lack of proper planning or resources, most people do not save even half of what they should be saving for retirement. If you've just started saving for retirement or are approaching your golden years and want to give your savings a boost, here are some tips to keep you on the right track. Retirement savings tip #1: Save more, ... ››› more
  • [22 July 2014]
  • A five-step retirement plan tailored to build wealth
  • Planning for your impending retirement isn't an easy task. After the financial crisis, many investors are worried about what the future holds on the markets. But there is a way you can invest your money for retirement and reduce your risk. This retirement plan does this by starting with a solid base. Let's take a closer look… Retirement plan step #1: Risk All investors have different attitud... ››› more
  • [21 July 2014]
  • How to travel cheaply during retirement
  • When you reach retirement age, one of the things you want more than anything is to travel. Now is your chance to travel the world, or at least see a few of the places you always wanted to see, but never managed. But what happens when your retirement income doesn't allow you to travel as much as you would like to? All those trips you have planned are quite expensive and unless you managed... ››› more
  • [18 July 2014]
  • How to overcome the challenges of adjusting to retirement
  • When you think of retirement, you probably imagine it to be the most relaxing, carefree period of your life, a time of bliss and freedom. Yet, this is not always the case. Retiring can be quite a challenging time for some people, especially for those who have focused all their energy on their work. For people whose work provided a self-esteem boost, confidence can become quite shaky once th... ››› more
  • [16 July 2014]
  • How to get the most out of your retirement
  • If you're decades away from retirement, you're probably not putting in much effort in planning for that period. But the closer you get to retirement, the more you'll wish you had started planning and saving earlier. Planning for retirement is extremely important if you want to enjoy your golden years to the fullest. Lack of planning can lead to a chaotic lifestyle once you reach retirement and ... ››› more
  • [14 July 2014]
  • A nifty calculation to help you work out how much to save for retirement
  • Trying to ensure that you have enough money in your retirement pot can be an arduous task. You don't want to get to a year before retirement to find out you have a large shortfall in your savings. And that's where the ‘annuity factor' comes in. This can help you work out how much you should be putting away a month to achieve your retirement goals. Read on to find out what to do… ... ››› more
  • [14 July 2014]
  • How much should you save for retirement?
  • It is generally believed that you should save at least 10% of your income for retirement. How much you need to save in order to have a happy, comfortable life during retirement depends on many factors, including: the age when you start saving money, your forecasted monthly expenses, and whether or not you have other sources of retirement funds. It is best to start saving for retirement as e... ››› more
  • [11 July 2014]
  • Retirement investing mistakes to avoid
  • Whether you're close to retirement or have a long way to go, it's never too early to begin investing and saving for the golden years. Actually, the sooner you start, the better. Not even one quarter of retirees feel that they have enough money to live comfortably during this period, so it's important to plan ahead wisely and prevent mistakes that could cost you dearly once you do retire. Her... ››› more
  • [10 July 2014]
  • What rate of return should you expect from your pension fund?
  • If you're already ploughing money into a pension fund, that's a great start. But how can you expect your pension to perform over the years? After all this affects how much your pension pot is going to grow over the years. And it ultimately affects how much money you have once you retire. Let's take a closer look… What performance to expect from your pension fund Your pension fund provider mi... ››› more
  • [10 July 2014]

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