How to find a stock broker to trade single stock futures through

by , 17 March 2015

As with investing in shares, if you want to trade single stock futures, you'll need a stock broker.

A stock broker will put on your single stock futures trades on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange's Equity Derivatives Market for you.

So how can you find one of these brokers?

Read on to find out…

How to trade single stock futures

If you already have an account for investing with a stock broker, you may be able to trade single stock futures through them. You can check their website or give them a phone to find out.

To trade single stock futures, the stock broker must be a member of the JSE and be registered with the JSE to trade equity derivatives.

If you need to find a stock broker to trade single stock futures through, you should check out the JSE’s list on their website. You can filter the list of members of the exchange to show only the ones that provide equity derivative trading.

How to pick a stock broker to trade through

As single stock futures trading is short-term in nature and risky, one of the most important aspects will be finding a broker that acts quickly on your instructions. You also want a stock broker you can trust.

To help you find a suitable stock broker, you need to know:

  • The stock broker has experience dealing with small private clients trading single stock futures.
  • How you can put trades on. Is it online or over the phone?
  • How often the broker issues statements of your trading account.
  • If they offer any market research for you to use.

Once you decide on a broker to trade single stock futures through, you’ll need to open an account. You’ll have to provide proof of identity, residential address and income tax number.

You’ll also have to sign a client agreement confirming you understand the higher risks involved with trading single stock futures trading and other relevant information.

So there you have it. How to find a stock broker to trade single stock futures through.

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