Shares in Tiger Brands take a knock as it pulls its Tastic products over fears of carcinogenic ingredients

by , 16 October 2014

Earlier today, Tiger Brands announced that it had recalled its Tastic Simply Delicious line due to fears over ingredients used in the products.

The recall affects seven of the 20 product range. It all stems from worries about colorants used in the products.

Shares in Tiger Brands are heavily down this afternoon.

Let's take a closer look…

Tiger Brands says the findings affect 17,000 packs

Tiger Brands [JSE:TBS] recalled seven of “of its cooking sauces and rice products,” reports Fin24. This followed tests, which “found traces of potentially carcinogenic ingredients”.

This amounts to “17,000 packs of its ‘Tastic Simply Delicious’ line of instant rice and curry sauces,” adds Fin24.

Tiger Brands says the product line “is produced in India under the strict control of an internationally renowned flavour house,” says IOL. On arrival in SA, its “re-tested by Tastic in an independent laboratory”.

Tests conducted recently found there were “traces of the pigments Methyl Yellow and Sudan 1” in some of the products, adds IOL.

Tiger Brands says the pigments found can be toxic and carcinogenic

The food producer says these pigments “can make food unsafe,” notes BDLive. This is down to the “possible toxicity and carcinogenic properties of such compounds”.

In terms of scale, the recall affects a tiny proportion of its products, adds BDLive. The managing executive of Tiger Brands rice and pasta business, Naresh Singh, says it affects “less than 1% of Tiger’s rice business”.

The company has taken all the affected products off supermarket shelves, notes iAfrica. And Tiger Brands advises consumers to return these “products to their nearest supermarket in exchange for a coupon to the value of the returned product”.

At time of writing, shares in Tiger Brands were 2.81% lower at R302.27. That’s against the JSE Top 40 Index, which is down 0.58%.

Time will tell if there’s any reaction by consumers to the findings.

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Shares in Tiger Brands take a knock as it pulls its Tastic products over fears of carcinogenic ingredients
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