Get over it!

by , 12 October 2017
Get over it!
Losing is inevitable and it will happen to you eventually.

It's part and parcel when it comes to sports betting. However, what might look like a losing streak to you now, will only be a blip in the long run.

And while it might be frustrating to you now, I want to show you five things I do to get through a losing streak.

Let me explain…

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Take a break
A successful sports bettor and my mentor, always tells me to take a break after a losing streak.
Well, after a run of losing bets, you are at your most vulnerable. This is where all reasoning and rationale goes out the window as you look to chase your losses and recoup your money.
This is just a normal human reaction as we seek to rectify our losses.
If you take a football manager for example, after losing a high intensity game both the team and the managers rethink their tactics, asses their strategy and implement the changes.
The same applies to your sport betting strategy, use the break to assess your losses, rethink your staking method and implement your changes.
There is no harm in taking a week or two off from betting – Freshen yourself up and get back to your winning form.
This brings me to my next step.

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Analyse your betting performance
If you find yourself on a long losing streak, take a break and start analysing your betting history.
I assume you have a record of all your bets placed – if not – Start one now!
A simple spreadsheet of your previous bets and your bets to forward track is all you need.
A good habit to start in addition to your spreadsheet is to make a small comment on your approach to selecting your bet.
Did you follow your strategy?
Did you complete your full analysis?
Did you stick to your staking method?
These are just a few of the notes I leave when placing my bet.
This way, when you are reviewing your past performance, you will start to see exactly where you have gone wrong.
Nothing beats developing discipline than looking at the cold hard facts.
Going through your losing streak and evaluating your moments of poor discipline that are COSTING YOU MONEY.

Don’t be afraid
Better yet, don’t be a coward!
Yes, you may have doubts about your next bet, we all do.
But the only way to dig yourself out of a losing streak – well, is to keep digging.
If you are doing things right, a correct staking plan and bet selection process, keep doing them.
Rather reduce your risk to half of what you normally bet and you’ll feel less emotional over the potential losing bets to come.
Keep to your process, drop your risk and you’ll soon get to your winning form with greater confidence.
Get Over It!
Yes, losing streaks are terrible, especially your first one.
You will doubt your abilities and want to give it up all together.
But take it from us, over the course of your entire sports betting life, your first losing streak will look like a blip on your overall performance, and you will come out better in the end.

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Get over it!
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