Play poker like 007 with these three easy tips

by , 22 September 2017
Play poker like 007 with these three easy tips
When Daniel Craig first starred as James Bond in the much anticipated 007 film “Casino Royale”, The mission was to out-play the bad guy in a poker game.

Not only did the much loved hero win the poker game, but he did so with the famous class and style the James Bond character is known for.

So how can you outwit and outsmart your mates in your next poker game?

Read on to find out.

Read your opponent like an open book

This is the most common skill and one of the most important to master.
Most rookie player’s will try and confuse their opponent, seeding doubt instead of deception.
Doubt in a player’s mind could force them to fold early, or give them a 50/50 chance their guess will be right. While deception will force your opponent to make the wrong move, first you have to be able to read your opponent.
This is done by trial and error, you have to watch your opponent, pick up “tell signs” from which you draw conclusions by testing your theory.
For example, in the 2006 bond film “Casino Royale”, James Bond puts all his money into a hand to test his theory that Le Chiffre is bluffing. He ends up losing the hand, but becomes certain that Le Chiffre has a tell sign.
This is how he eventually wins the poker game, and disrupts Le Chiffre’s plans.
Another tell sign is the time it takes for your opponent to act. This is an indicator that they are in a dilemma about the decision they are about to make.
Pick up on this pattern and you can begin to set them up for a fall.
The true goal here is to be able to anticipate your opponents next move, allowing you to set traps and bait your opponent into giving up more chips.
As James Bond said “In poker you never play your play the man across from you”

Play with confidence, not wishful thinking

Playing with confidence is not the same as playing with wishful thinking or positivity.
Playing with confidence is simply the realistic belief that you can personally achieve the task at hand.
Now that you have found out the tell sign of your opponent, just like James Bond did, it is now time to bait them.
Attack their weak hand and start squeezing as many chips as you possibly can.
This is how you play poker, use your conclusion you have drawn and start attacking with confidence.
Not only will you win more hands, but you’ll become less sensitive to losses.

Use caution to your advantage
No matter how much skill you think you have, poker is still a form of gambling and is still and will always be subject to luck, so caution will be your best friend here.
If you become unsure or if your opponents tell sign pops up, be cautious and fold, let the next hand guide you to a win.
But don’t fall into the trap of being overly cautious and losing out on opportunities to deceive your opponent.
Final thoughts...

Poker is a gambling game filled with both skill and luck.

But I can guarantee, if you employ these three simple tips, the next time you play poker with your mates, you’ll be walking away with the pot in your pocket and the girl by your side, just like our hero James Bond.
Until Next Time
Christopher Ammon

Play poker like 007 with these three easy tips
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