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This innovative solution to the petrol problem shows why you should invest in Zimbabwe!

by , 11 April 2013

South Africa's not the only company with rising fuel costs. On Wednesday, Namibia announced yet another petrol price increase of 10c per litre. Zimbabwe, on the other hand, is looking forward to a reduction in fuel costs by introducing blended fuel. This will result in fuel import cost savings for the government, as well as savings for consumers. Here's how you can also profit from this news…
Put off by rising petrol costs? 
You’re not alone.
Now, Zimbabwe’s taken an innovative approach to try lower the petrol price by launching a new petrol blend.
A new petrol blend means savings for Zimbabwean government and consumers alike
Zimbabwe currently imports between 30 and 40 million litres of petrol every month from Middle Eastern countries, says Fin24.
The new ethanol blend has been approved based on internationally recognised quality standards for this type of fuel.
And while the blended fuel will significantly reduce Zimbabwe’s fuel import bill, it’ll also benefit motorists on the road as the petrol price becomes cheaper.
This will also make Zimbabwe less susceptible to fluctuations in international oil prices.
And this, in turn, makes Zimbabwe a more solid investment destination.
What are you waiting for? The rest of the world has confidence in Zimbabwe as an investment destination!
So why are investors pouring into Zimbabwe in droves right now?
Because the EU suspended most of its sanctions on Zimbabwe last month, after voters approved a new constitution that'll pave the way to an election later this year. 
These are all signs that Zimbabwe’s looking to gain stronger political footing, says FSP Invest.
And that’s important when deciding to invest offshore. After all, you need to look at the country’s political stability to make sure you aren’t setting yourself up for a loss, advises investment expert Gavin Fourie on FSP Invest.
And it’s easier than ever before to invest in the country, thanks to the launch of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange new web portal, adds FSP Invest.
Visit www.zimbabwe-stock-exchange.com to access information on profitable Zimbabwean companies for a great way to invest offshore.

This innovative solution to the petrol problem shows why you should invest in Zimbabwe!
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