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3 Ways blockchain will make you money

by , 04 September 2020
3 Ways blockchain will make you money
Q. “Is there a list of things I need to ensure my success from your Red Hot Storm Trader service Timon?”

A.  I’m sure you have everything you need to benefit from the service.
But to make extra sure, here are my five checkboxes to optimise your success with Red Hot Storm Trader.
You’ll need:
1. A computer or a cell phone with a good internet connection
2. A reliable and regulated broker with a charting platform to take your trades
3. To know simple maths calculations
4. To be able to handle a bit of risk with your trades (2% at max)
5. A bit of money (R1,000 to R5,000) to kickstart your real trading
6. Discipline to take trades and build your portfolio on a weekly basis
That’s about it!
If you believe you have most of those six ticked off, you can start with Red Hot Storm Trader starting today.
Stake Your Claim in the Global Stock Revolution
Over the past few weeks alone, we've gotten dozens of messages from readers who are thrilled to have a new moneymaking avenue to turn toward.
And the profits they're seeing are mind-blowing.
People who have never placed a trade in their lives are seeing over 293% gains on their first try.
Folks are starting with a small stake - R8,000 – R35,000 - and doubling it.
And over the last month alone, you could've cashed in gains of 132.28%, 18.35%,  and another 64.52%
Without ever having to worry about what the stock market was doing.
This is a highly unique strategy that's proving to be an essential source of profit potential in an uncertain market.
And right now, you have the chance to see what's on the inside.
What A Trading Tips reader has to share:
“Cha Ching! That’s all I can say about Red Hot Storm Trader. I don’t know how but, the lockdown has been a blessing for Timon’s
trading strategy.”
~ Eduard. R
202% in the bag with this one…
Profits are starting to flood in as this metals miner executes its master plan!
From being a purely exploration company four years ago – this company now has four operational projects all generating cash.
In fact, it just reported its sixth consecutive double-digit growth in revenue!
You see, this metals business is focused on extracting profits from minerals everyone else is ignoring.
Its results already prove it’s quite good at doing this.
And things are about to get a whole lot better for this precious metals mining company!
Q. “Blockchain is indeed an interesting development Timon, but I have one very important question to make it worthwhile of my time. How will blockchain pay me?”
A. In Monday’s article, we established that blockchain is the future technology for making and recording transactions.
But the most important element for investors is that, it’s the crypto and digital currencies that will reward users whoever verifies the transactions.
And as we see more and more people adapting and accepting digital currencies into their daily lives, you’ll eventually be paid through the blockchain…
How you ask?
I Have three main ways blockchain will make you money.
#1: Get paid as a blockchain entrepreneur
First, you could run a blockchain business. Whether you’d like to be a drop shipper, real-estate agent, accountant, doctor or even a gamer.
What ever value and business you have to offer, you’ll be paid in crypto-currencies as revenue.
And the costs and taxes will be minimal, the speed will be instantaneous and the security, privacy, transparency and efficiency will be more reliable than with conventional methods.
This is probably how most people will become millionaires the quickest with blockchain technology.
#2: Grow your portfolio with blockchain
In the near future, you’ll most likely trade and invest through a decentralised blockchain network. You’ll receive digital currencies, dividends and capital growth and with a lot less costs.
But, I don’t want to just entice you about the uncertain future. Instead, you can grow your portfolio with blockchain starting today.
Right now there are brokers and market makers where you can exchange, buy and sell trades on the top crypto-currencies such as, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Lite Coin etc…
You can invest in blockchain through Digital Asset Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, CFDs and futures.
In fact, one of our recommended brokers, Rand Swiss, offer the opportunity for you to trade cryptos without even needing to convert your money to digital currencies.
#3: Make money indirectly from blockchain
Blockchain technology is still at its infancy. The availability of options to invest directly in blockchain aren’t that high yet.
However, you can invest in many different public companies that are incorporating and adapting blockchain into their business models… 
In fact, expert Sam Volkering is constantly looking for companies that are investing billions into blockchain technology.
I’m talking about Alibaba.net and MasterCard who are actively involved in the development and utilisation of blockchain tech.
Digital Garage and Zero who are creating new business models using blockchain.
AWS and IBM who are providing the cloud-based blockchain solutions and consultation services.
HIVE and AMD who are providing the tools for crypto mining, trading platforms and crypto exchanges.
Trade well, 
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader 
PS: Did you know!
Timon has banked his Red Hot Storm Traders 4/4 winning Gold CFD trades this year with over a 202% cumulative gain…

3 Ways blockchain will make you money
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