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Alternative investments uncovered: Avoid making these mistakes when buying concert posters

by , 29 July 2015

Concert posters from the 1960s and the 1970s are starting to soar in value as demand for these art works picks up.

As works of art, concert posters detailing the top artists, bands and venues of the time are a great alternative investment to consider. Plus, they're much more affordable than many other forms of collectibles.

But like any investment, there are potential pitfalls. So what do you need to watch out for when buying them?

Read on to find out…

Don’t make these mistakes when investing in concert posters

All investments comes with potential hazards and concert posters are no different.

To ensure you make the best investment decisions, avoid making these three common mistakes…

Investing in concert posters mistake #1: Not being fully aware of what you’re buying

Restoration of concert posters is acceptable in the industry. When done well, restoration can enhance the appearance of a piece, Mike Storiem, the president of Classic Posters tells The Sovereign Society. But it doesn’t make a concert poster more valuable.

You can also easily miss restoration. This is why you need to have your wits about you when buying new additions to your collection.

Unless a concert poster is extremely rare, avoid buying one with any restoration.

Investing in concert posters mistake #2: Paying too much

It’s hard to work out the fair values of concert posters as there are no published guides on pricing at the moment. You need to go with the information you can find on what similar pieces have sold for at auction and online.

This is why if you’re serious about investing in concert posters, it makes sense to use a reputable dealer in the industry. A reputable dealer should offer to buy back a piece at the price you paid for it.

Investing in concert posters mistake #3: Buying a forgery

Forgeries are something you need to be on the watch for. This is something that affects all collectibles.

As demand grows for concert posters, so does the number of forgeries out there. This is again why it’s so important to do your research and buy through a reputable dealer.

So there you have it. Avoid making these mistakes when buying concert posters.

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Alternative investments uncovered: Avoid making these mistakes when buying concert posters
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