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Antique investing - Will you hit the next R766 million “jackpot”

by , 05 May 2016

Two siblings from the United Kingdom cleaned out their house belonging to their recently-deceased parents. They found an old vase and thought it might be worth a few bucks, so they had it appraised.

It was valued between R14 million and R21 million. Whe they auctioned it off it sold for a record breaking R766 million on auction!

The stories motivate thousands of people to scour their old cupboards, garages or sheds for that one shot at finding a hidden treasure among the moth balls.

And believe me when I say, you too could hit the mother of all jackpots! So today, I'm going to help you find that score of a lifetime.

How you can find the score of a lifetime!
Whether you’re investing furniture, silver, porcelain or even 20th century antiques, quality and authenticity remain key factors. Obviously age and rarity contribute to the value of the item too.
You also have to remember this market is a product of supply and demand. With supply falling good quality pieces are hard to find. But if you own some, you’re likely to make good money.
The growing demand however isn’t only for the old, rare items.
There’s a growing demand for 20th century goods
Items with international appeal, because of their rarity, quality and collectability always sell well. However, these days’ people are beginning to look for unusual, even funky items. Tools, toys and some ceramics are becoming highly collectable pieces.
For example, a toy truck sold on auction for R313,300.
However, there’s something extremely important you must remember when it comes to 20th century items – you’re entering the world of mass production. This makes good quality antiques hard to find – an item is only truly collectable if others find it difficult to get their hands on it.
The best way to cash in is to educate yourself
Dealers enjoy sharing their knowledge. As a buyer, you’ll soon begin to trust your dealer. Let them guide you when it comes to finding a good buy. Styles of decorating have changed over the years, but the appeal of antiques is timeless no matter what the fashion might be.
A well-chosen antique piece can comfortably adapt to any kind of interior. And whether the antique is old or new, it’ll no doubt add charm and style to your home and a great investment for your portfolio.

Antique investing - Will you hit the next R766 million “jackpot”
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