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Collectibles uncovered: Investing in valuable SA coins

by , 25 May 2015

If you want to invest in collectibles, one sector worth looking at is coins. You don't have to look far to find an array of desirable examples.

Many South African coins are highly sought after.

So what SA coins should you be on the lookout for?

Read on to find out…

Investing in lucrative South African rare coins

If you want to start collecting coins, you should start looking for desirable examples in South Africa. Many SA coins are highly desirable to collectors.

Many examples of SA coins have rewarded their owners handsomely with fantastic returns.

Take the 1902 Velpond. With only 986 pieces minted, this coin was worth £1 when it first came out. Just a year later, the same coin was worth £11. That’s a 1,000% increase in price.

The 1902 Velpond is still one of the most desirable SA coins in the world.

If you’re looking for rarity, you can’t look by the Single 9. As the name suggests, only one of these coins was minted. It’s now worth around R36 million.

What SA coins to look at buying?

The Single 9 and the 1902 Velpond are fine examples of SA coins. If you’re interested in buying SA coins, what should you look for?

To start off, have a look for coins dated between 1874 and 1902. Coins minted over this period of time have performed extremely well.

Also look at modern rare coins. These are coins minted between 1923 and 1964. These are also in demand and you should see good appreciation in price over the long-term.

Other SA coins worth keeping an eye out for include:

  • The 2004 Mandela Coin;
  • 1996 Constitutional Coins;
  • Burger’s Ponde;
  • The Sammy Marks Tickey; and
  • Desmond Tutu R1 coins.

When it comes to investing in SA coins and any other rare coins, make sure you do your research and don’t overpay.

So there you have it. Investing in valuable SA coins.

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Collectibles uncovered: Investing in valuable SA coins
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