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Follow these six tips to invest in collectibles successfully

by , 30 April 2015

Even though the realm of collectibles is vast, the rules for investing in them apply across the board.

So how can you make the best investment decisions when it comes to buying collectibles?

Read on to find out…

Investing in collectibles tip #1: Buy the best your pocket can afford

The best examples of collectibles appreciate more in value that more mediocre examples of the same item.

This is certainly the case for art and antiques.

And when the market takes a knock, better examples will hold their prices better.

Investing in collectibles tip #2: Buy collectibles with a paper trail

When looking at collectibles, find out if there’s an accompanying paper trail. This will help the future resale value and demand of an item.

Future buyers will know the item is authentic and it will give an insight into its history.

Investing in collectibles tip #3: Look for a signature

Ensure the collectible has a signature. This will help you out when it comes to selling the piece.

Investing in collectibles tip #4: Look after your pieces

Keep the item in pristine condition. Condition has such a big impact on the value of a piece.

Check out how’s best to care for the collectible you invest in.

Investing in collectibles tip #5: Opt for smaller pieces

If you can, stick to buying smaller pieces. There’s a better market for smaller examples.

Jake Biddington, an antiques guru, calls this ‘display logistics’ as people tend to like smaller collectibles as they take up less space.

Investing in collectibles #6: Avoid investing in ‘fashionable’ collectibles

As with many markets, collectibles go through periods when particular items are in fashion. Try to avoid buying into items like this during these times.

You’ll end up paying a high price. Over the long-term you may struggle to sell the item for as high a price as you paid.

So there you have it. Six tips to follow to successfully invest in collectibles.

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Follow these six tips to invest in collectibles successfully
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