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Four points to help you buy the best rare gold coins

by , 28 August 2015

Rare gold coins can be a worthwhile long term investment.

But you shouldn't rush out and buy the first rare gold coin you come across. You need to do some research and know how to weigh up the best buy for you.

So how can you buy the best rare gold coins?

Read on to find out…

Buying rare gold coins point #1: Avoid bargain rare gold coin sellers

When buying rare gold coins, you should focus on buying fair valued coins. Be sceptical of anyone trying to sell you a bargain, chances are there’s a reason for its lower price.

Buying rare gold coins point #2: Pay attention to the grade and watch out for fakes

The grading of a rare gold coin makes a difference to its value. It’s likely you’ll come across coins that are over-graded.

This is why you need to learn as much as you can about the grading of rare gold coins. It’s quite a skill, but for starters:

  • Look at how sharp the coin’s details are.
  • Look at any major and minor marks on the coins.
  • Compare the coin to the same type.

The better coin will have sharper details and less marks and it makes the better investment.

Fake coins are also an unfortunate reality. By always using a reputable dealer when buying rare gold coins you can minimise the chance of buying a fake. And a good dealer can help you evaluate a coin’s grading too.

Buying rare gold coins point #3: The value of coins

A rare gold coin’s value comes down to the current market conditions, and supply and demand.

When looking to buy rare gold coins, the main thing to concentrate on are how rare a coin is. You can then compare the price of it with other similar ones on the market online or in coin catalogues.

This will give you an idea if you’re paying the best price for a coin.

Buying rare gold coins point #4: Buying the best

You want to buy the highest quality rare gold coins you can afford at a fair price. Coins in the best condition are easier to sell and their value should appreciate more quickly than a coin of poorer quality.

So there you have it. Four points to help you buy the best rare gold coins.

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Four points to help you buy the best rare gold coins
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