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Four reasons why you should invest in gold coins

by , 02 June 2015

If you're looking for a form of financial insurance for your portfolio, investing in gold is a good idea. The yellow metal tends to perform in times of financial strife and diversifies your portfolio.

You can take investing in gold to another level by investing in gold coins. Through investing in gold coins, you can benefit from the performance of the gold price and the demand for these coins.

Let's take a closer look at the advantages of investing in gold coins…

Advantage of investing in gold coins #1: They’re very liquid

If you look at the collectibles market as a whole, coins are the most liquid of them all. This means that if you decide to sell your coins, you should easily find a buyer.

This is a consideration, especially when weighing up investing in coins against other collectibles.

Advantage of investing in gold coins #2: Supply is falling

The price of gold coins comes down to supply and demand.

The number of coins in circulation is falling on a daily basis, which is good news for a long-term investor.

Generally speaking, the rarer the coins you buy, the higher the chance of price appreciation over the longer term.

Advantage of investing in gold coins #3: Affordable investments

If you compare the prices of coins with the prices of other collectibles like art, gold coins tend to be more affordable.

This means that over time you can build up a collection of gold coins. You should be able to get your hands on coins from around R10,000.

Advantage of investing in gold coins #4: They’re discrete investments

Compared to other forms of collectible investing, such as art and antiques, investing in coins is discrete. You can keep your collection your business.

They’re also very portable.

So there you have it. Four reasons why you should invest in gold coins.

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Four reasons why you should invest in gold coins
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