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How to buy and profit from Bitcoin in South Africa

by , 12 February 2020
How to buy and profit from Bitcoin in South Africa
Q. “Hi Timon, do you use the MATI Trader System when you look for trading signals that you send to your Red Hot Storm Trader members?

If so, would you recommend we own the MATI Trader System Programme to better our chances at maximising our profits from the Red Hot Storm Trader service?”

A. Great question. In short - yes - the MATI Trader System is the trading strategy I use to find trading signals using the Red Hot Storm Trader service platform.
In the last two decades I’ve followed the same low risk, breakout, 62.5% win-rate system which I named the MATI Trader System in 2008.
It’s easier to understand by telling you the difference between Red Hot Storm Trader and the MATI Trader System programme and to see how they both link…
The MATI Trader System Programme is a visual and audio (five videos, one book and three calculators) easy to follow course for anyone looking to build their million-rand portfolio by learning:
- How to trade
- How to pin-point high profitable trades
- How to develop the mindset of a successful trader
- How to make a continuous income with a five step process.
The Red Hot Storm Trader service - I do the work for you…
I find the trades using the Mati system so you don’t have to.
If you would like to start finding your own trades to increase your profit opportunities then you should subscribe to both Red Hot Storm Trader and MATI Trader System as they go hand in hand.
Not only will you have the upper hand where you'll be able to identify and action your own high probability trades in order to grow your portfolio on a consistent basis.
But you’ll also instantly pick up my five step process system, for when I identify trades that I send out to Red Hot Storm Traders, the ideal amount of money to deposit into each trade and how to accelerate your trading results.
Don’t miss your chance to pocket fast gains from the global financial markets - Like 389% on the South African Rand, 52% on Brent Crude and 37% on the US500
A small group of traders are banking profits every 3 to 6 weeks on the international markets…
389% gain on USD/ZAR punt
Then 2 weeks later another 52.88% on BRENT CRUDE trade
Readers are poised for yet more double-digit wins in the weeks and months ahead.
You now have a chance to join in. Just click here to learn more.
What a Trading Tips reader has to share:
“I have always been a long-term investor and The South African Investor, Red Hot Penny Shares and Real Wealth have been tremendous with their advice and with their portfolios.
I feel that besides long-term I want to learn how to trade for quick profits. So far the tips and recommendations have been a great help and I look forward to making profits with Timon’s expertise”
~ Bernie Hohls
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Q “Hi Timon, I'm looking into trading crypto-currencies this year, and I want to start with Bitcoin. I have two questions. First, what ways can I buy the actual bitcoin. Second, are there any cheaper methods to trade bitcoins?”
A. There are two methods you can go about this…
You can either buy and own the actual bitcoins or you can trade the crypto-currency by having exposure to them without paying the full price.  
The three popular ways to own bitcoins are as follows:
#1: You can go onto a bitcoin exchange and buy it directly from there for example BitX, Luno, Coinbase or LocalBitcoins.
#2: You can exchange goods and services for Bitcoins.
Please note: This method is not popular in South Africa yet. I’ve mentioned it, to alert you for when the option does become readily available.
#3: You can try to mine for a Bitcoin (but this is a full-time job and can cost you millions of rands and months of time to get the right processing power).
Instead, this is a much easier way to gain exposure to bitcoins…
The two ways you can trade and be exposed to bitcoins and pay a fraction of the price
1. You can buy and sell Bitcoin CFDs through one of our recommended brokers – RandSwiss – who already offers over 10 crypto-currencies to trade.
2. You can learn everything you need to buy and sell bitcoins from a real expert, Sam Volkering, which is all revealed in the book – Crypto Revolution. You can get your copy here.
Trade well,
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Pick Pocket Trader
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How to buy and profit from Bitcoin in South Africa
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