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How to diversify your portfolio with precious metals whatever your budget

by , 14 September 2015

Adding physical precious metals to your portfolio can be a great diversifier.

Precious metals tend to do better when the financial markets are in turmoil. So if a crisis strikes, the performance of gold and silver should help to offset the losses you make in other investments.

So if you want to invest in precious metals, what are your options?

Read on to discover four different ways…

Investing in precious metals

Gold and silver are the most common precious metals. And the good news is, it’s easy to invest in them.

If you want to hold precious metals in their physical form, before you do, you need to consider how you’re going to keep them secure.

Do you have a safe at home? Or would you consider keeping them in a safety deposit box or some other secure place?

It’s important you work this out before buying.

Here are your options for investing in precious metals…

How to invest in precious metals option #1: Gold coins

Gold coins are perhaps top of the list when you think about owning precious metals. You may already own a Kruger rand or two.

What’s great about gold coins is they come in a variety of weights. This means you should find it easy to build up a holding over the years that suits your budget.

These coins track the gold price closely and you should only pay a small premium to buy them.

How to invest in precious metals option #2: Gold bars

Gold bars also come in a variety of different weights so you can buy to suit your budget. If you opt for larger sizes of gold bars, their security needs to be of your upmost concern.

How to invest in precious metals #3: Silver coins

Silver is a much cheaper metal than gold and this means that silver coins are within everyone’s reach. If you don’t have enough money to invest in gold coins at the moment, it’s worth considering silver coins instead.

Silver coins usually come in a weight of one ounce.

How to invest in precious metals #4: Silver bars

Just like gold bars, silver bars are also available in a number of different weights. You want to opt for ‘good delivery bars’. These are easier to sell on.

If you’re serious about buying physical precious metals, ensure you use a reputable dealer, but check out how much of a premium you’re paying over the spot price before committing.

So there you have it. How to diversify your portfolio with precious metals whatever your budget.

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How to diversify your portfolio with precious metals whatever your budget
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