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How to place a Multiple bet the RIGHT WAY and make up to 100 % gain on your next bet!

by , 05 July 2018
How to place a Multiple bet the RIGHT WAY and make up to 100 % gain on your next bet!
Some bettors will argue that multiple bets are a waste of time.


A multiple bet can reduce the chance of your bet being an outright winner but when you do win you can double your money.

So using multiples to your advantage can be a huge benefit to your sports betting strategy and your bankroll.

If used correctly…

That's why today I want to show you how I use multiples to benefit my subscribers and how you can use them to.

Lets get to it…

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Multiple betting explained
Multiple betting also known as Accumulator’s or Parley’s, has seen an increase in popularity over the last few years.
The reason multiples are so attractive is their high return for a small stake. Meaning for a small R50 stake on a double, you could see a return of R150.
Not bad considering placing R50 on a single might only return you R90.
So this is why Multiples have gained such an attractive position to sport bettors.
Comparing Single’s vs Double’s
Using this weekend’s Super Rugby games as our example, I’m going to show you the difference in betting singles vs doubles.
Here are the weekend’s games:

If we took the first game, Crusaders vs Highlanders, and placed a single bet on the Crusaders to win at odds of 0.33.
Your R50 would turn into:
R50 x 0.33=R16.50 profit.
Not that great considering you risked R50 for a measly R16.50 profit.
but, doubling up on the Crusaders with the Rebels will give you odds of 1.13. 
Meaning, your R50 would turn into:
R50 x 1.13=R56.50 profit.
This is the power of using multiples to your advantage.
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The art of multiple betting
Now there are other multiples such as: 
  • Treble (three legs in one bet)
  • Four fold (four legs in one bet)
  • Five folds (five legs in one bet)
The more legs in a bet the less probability you have of winning. For example in a treble you have to have all three of your games win in order for the treble bet to pay-out.
As you can see there is a disadvantage to using multiples, so in order to bet safe I recommend beginner sport bettors only use doubles for the first couple of years.
And then graduate to more complex multiples, such as the ones above.
And always remember “Bad single bets = bad multiple bets”
Until next time,
Christopher Ammon

How to place a Multiple bet the RIGHT WAY and make up to 100 % gain on your next bet!
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