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How to start investing in rare coins

by , 04 September 2015

Rare and ancient coins are an investment class all of their own. These coins can be centuries old. You can find coins from all corners of the globe.

With collectors driving the rare coin market, their prices are stable and not correlated with the prices of stocks, property, gold or bonds.

So if you're serious about investing in rare coins, how can you start?

Read on to find out…

Picking the best rare coins for your collection

If you’re buying rare coins as an investment, you should avoid trying to put together sets of coins. This is because in a set it’s more than likely there will coins that aren’t of investment quality and they’re less likely to rise in value over time.

To give your investment the best chance of making money over the years ahead, stick to finding rare coins in the best condition. This gives you the freedom to buy coins from different collecting areas, the experts at The Sovereign Society explain.

Stick to these basic principles and you should see the value of your rare coins grow handsomely over the long-term.

Where to buy rare coins

You have a choice of where to source your rare coins from. You could look to specialised coin dealers and auctions, or go online.

The main this is to trust who you’re buying from. Ensure you research what similar coins are going for so you pay a fair price. Paying too much for a coin dents your future returns.

If you decide to buy rare coins through a dealer, don’t be afraid to haggle over the price. The less you pay, the better.

Selling your rare coins

When it comes to selling your rare coins, you can lose a large chunk of their value. This is because auction houses can take up to 25% in commissions and dealers want to make a margin when they sell, which can be anything up to 50%.

You need to bear this is mind when buying.

So there you have it. How to start investing in rare coins.

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How to start investing in rare coins
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