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How to successfully invest in the most portable of collectibles: Stamps

by , 01 June 2015

If you're looking to diversify your portfolio into collectibles, the most portable of all are stamps.

Stamp collecting, or philately, is a hobby enjoyed by many around the world. And if it's a hobby of yours, perhaps it's time to take your stamp collecting to the next level.

So what makes a good stamp investment?

Read on to find out…

Three factors that determine a stamp’s worth

If you want to buy stamps as a long-term investment, there are three factors that determine their value. These factors are:

  • Rarity;
  • Quality; and
  • Demand.

So if you want to build your stamp collection and invest in the best examples, how should you go about it?

Stick to these rules when investing in stamps.

#1: Focus on quality stamps
Never buy a stamp just because it appears to be a bargain. You should only focus on quality examples.

Quality stamps are those in top condition. And this is even more important if they’re scare and popular.

By honing in on quality stamps, you’ll find they hold their value better, even during a recession, and you’ll easily be able to sell them.

#2: Know the market for individual stamps you want to buy
Before you buy a particular stamp, ensure you know how scarce it is and what sort of demand there is for it.

You may have this knowledge yourself if you’ve been stamp collecting for some time, or you may have to ask a respected dealer for help with this information.

Some stamps are better suited just for collecting, whereas others make better investments. Investment grade stamps will have a better chance of appreciating in value over the years, which is exactly what you want when investing in them.

#3: Store your stamps appropriately
There’s no point investing in stamps if you don’t know how to look after them.

You need to store them appropriately to keep them in pristine condition, prevent them from coming to harm and safe from theft.

So there you have it. How to successfully invest in the most portable of collectibles, stamps.

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How to successfully invest in the most portable of collectibles: Stamps
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