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If you're not already investing in wine at wine auctions, you're missing out…

by , 30 April 2013

Looking for a great way to invest in wine? Don't forget the value of attending wine auctions. That's how a number of wine lovers got their hands on precious bottles from the now closed ‘best restaurant in the world', elBulli, at a Sotheby's auction on Friday. There are a number of online wine auctions to take part in, but it's the 2013 Nederburg Auction taking place in September that many are looking forward to. Here's why you should start attending wine auctions.
Restaurant elBulli shut in 2011 after 50 years in business and five years as the best restaurant in the world.
But on Friday, wine lovers had the chance to take home a portion of the restaurant’s wine cellar at a Sotheby’s auction in New York, says Forbes.com.
The top lot of over 600 was four bottles of Romanée-Conti 2004, which were signed by elBulli’s award-winning chef Ferran Adrià and director Juli Soler.
These sold for $52,062 to an Asian buyer. 
But would you invest in wine at an auction?
You should. 
Because wine auctions are probably the best way to grow you cellar without having to wait years to see your treasures mature, and the only opportunity to find some of the very rare items that get put up for grabs, says WineMonkey.
And while some question the quality or longevity of the usual auction wines, most of which are released very young, the Nederburg Wine Auction offers a different picture, writes CapeWineAcademy.
Two of the best reasons to invest in wines on auction
That’s because with auction red wines being at least five years old and auction white wines at least two years old, the auction allows for comparison of wine ageing and the value of older wines, based on sale price.
And as the wines are the same as the original release – just older – it also allows a degree of price comparison for investment purposes, adds CapeWineAcademy.
This year, Nederburg has a firmly focused line-up of top-level wines featured on the 2013 Nederburg Auction based on the organisers' stricter selection approach.
And thanks to the super quality criterion coupled with singularity, the special cuvées available are that much more collectible in the auction’s 39th year.
 For example, three very different expressions of Sauvignon blanc will come under the hammer at the auction on 6 and 7 September.
Don’t miss out on this great way to invest in wine.

If you're not already investing in wine at wine auctions, you're missing out…
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