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Looking to diversify your investment portfolio? It's time to consider alternative investments

by , 03 March 2015

If you want to invest outside of the stock market and other financial markets, what are your options?

There are a huge number of potential investment opportunities that you can look to.

Let's take a closer look at what's on offer…

Why put money into alternative investments?

Since recovering from the financial crisis, the stock market has been in a bull run. And when valuations of stocks start to get high, you may want to consider putting your money to work elsewhere.

That’s where alternative investments come in…

How about investing in gold coins?

With the US dollar being in a strong bull run recently, it might take a breather. This would help the price of gold strengthen.

Gold is an excellent investment in your portfolio. It acts like an insurance policy against stock market crashes. And gold coins are an easy way to invest in the physical metal.

If you want to own gold for what it is, then Kruger rand are an option. If you want to invest in something with a little more history, look to ancient coins.

Antiques and art can be a good investment and aesthetically pleasing too

If you like antiques and art and already hold a piece or two, they also provide you with a good alternative investment.

The key with investing in antiques and art is knowing your market inside and out. And make sure you have a trustworthy dealer to rely on too.

Other collectibles worth considering

You can invest in anything from stamps to books, from comics to wine.

As with all alternative investments, ensuring that you invest in an authentic piece is paramount. Find a collectible that you’re interested and passionate about. And research as much as you can.

The key to successfully investing in alternative investments is to know what you’re doing before you part with a cent.

So there you have it. Why you should consider alternative investments if you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio.

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Looking to diversify your investment portfolio? It's time to consider alternative investments
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