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Metaverse…Sandbox…Decentraland…What does it all mean for you as an investor?

by , 07 January 2022
Metaverse…Sandbox…Decentraland…What does it all mean for you as an investor?
For many decades, we escaped reality through books, magazines, and movies.

In the future, we will escape via 3D-internet platforms, like VR gaming, virtual bars/clubs, and immersive shows and movies.

This future world, where the physical and the digital combine, to transform the online sphere into a more immersive, 3D experience is called the “Metaverse”.

And the metaverse is expected to be one of the next big trends in technology.

There's two ways to cash in on the metaverse megatrend -

You can chase by simply chase hot tech stocks or you can look outside the stock market…

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I’m talking about crypto!

The Sandbox is a platform for game designers and artists to earn money through their digital wares.

It’s a virtual metaverse world that allows users to create and play games within a game.  Anyone can enter the Sandbox world, create an avatar, play, and chat with other users.

The Sandbox Metaverse is made up of virtual lands that users can buy.

Landowners can customise their plots in a variety of ways. Some will create games for other users to play, others will build virtual art galleries in hopes of selling NFTs.

So far, around 16,000 people have bought plots of virtual land, according to Sandbox co-founder and COO Sebastien Borget.

In total, investors have spent over $100 million to acquire virtual real estate on the Sandbox platform.

One big name who just bought some land in the Sandbox metaverse crypto game/world, is Adidas, the massive apparel and shoemaker.

What exactly does it plan to do in there? We don’t really know yet, but they could create lots of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Furthermore, legendary rapper and business mogul Snoop Dogg launched his own sale in the Sandbox metaverse. That means people could buy land as part of the Snoop Dogg world within Sandbox.

Sandbox is also backed in part by SoftBank’s Vision Fund, which was co-created by the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF).

And it’s not the only crypto metaverse with growing support.

Decentraland, the virtual world where people can buy and sell digital real estate, has also drawn in some big backers.

The Metaverse Group, a real estate company focused on the metaverse, announced it had completed "the largest metaverse land acquisition in history.

The company acquired 116 parcels of land "in the heart of the Fashion Street district" of Decentraland worth $2.5 million.


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There’s big money to be made in the “Crypto Metaverse”

A digital currency associated with Sandbox (SAND), linked to the Ethereum blockchain was also created. And it’s gaining popularity.

Over a year or so, the number of SAND owners grew to around 500,000 by November 2021. In just the past month alone, that number ballooned to 900,000.

So in 2021 alone, the SAND crypto has risen over 15,000%

While, Decentraland’s crypto token, MANA, has rallied over 4,400%, over the same period.

As you can see, two megatrends combining can create serious profits for investors who know where to look.

Morgan Stanley is one of many big banks excited about the prospects with a recent note calling the metaverse "the next big theme" in investing…

"It can fundamentally change the medium through which we socialise with others, watch music performances, engage with fashion brands, learn and/or speculate on digital assets such as NFTs or in-game skins."

As investors, I think it’s wise right now to position your portfolio to profit from the Metaverse – whether through stocks or cryptos.

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PS. Here are two smart ways to profit as the “Crypto Metaverse” unfolds…

Metaverse…Sandbox…Decentraland…What does it all mean for you as an investor?
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