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Now you can store your Bitcoin in a South African wallet…

by , 19 November 2014

This week saw the arrival of the first Bitcoin wallet developed in South Africa.

The wallet's main focus is its ease of use whether you're new or experienced when it comes to Bitcoin. And it looks like it has hit the mark with its appealing interface.

Let's take a closer look at this latest Bitcoin development in South Africa…

A proudly South African Bitcoin wallet

BitX has just launched its “virtual currency app,” says Fin24. The app “hopes to unlock the growing potential presented by emerging markets” and the rest of the world.

BitX, a company based in SA and Singapore, launched its Bitcoin wallet to appeal to users wanting a mobile phone-based app, which is “easy to use, as well as smooth and practical,” adds Fin24.

BitX wanted to design an app that makes “the management and accessibility of Bitcoin a lot easier,” notes htxt.com. BitX’s development team in Cape Town designed the app.

The app, which is available for Android and iOS systems, “detects your location from your smartphone and automatically displays balances in the country you’re in,” reports Venture Burn. You can also easily look at different major currencies to see what the Bitcoin rate currently is.

So if you use the app in South Africa, you’ll see the rand value of your Bitcoin.

You can use the app to buy Bitcoin too

Not only that, the app makes it very easy to buy Bitcoin through it, says htxt.com. It walks you through the process. And it even allows you to “verify your mobile number and upload identification documents where applicable” through its Know Your Customer (KYC) integration.

The CEO and co-founder of BitX, Marcus Swanepoel, told Fin24 that they’ve made the app “really easy for people to access this tech for the first time”.

In July, South African online payment provider PayFast announced that its vendors, amounting to over 30,000, could now accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

So another development for Bitcoin in SA. Time will tell how the app’s launch goes and if it gets more people using Bitcoin in the country.

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Now you can store your Bitcoin in a South African wallet…
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