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Some of the coins in your pocket right now could be worth more than you think

by , 17 May 2016
Some of the coins in your pocket right now could be worth more than you think
Could the South African coins lying around in your spare cash drawer or the bottom of your wallet be worth a small fortune? It's quite possible they are. One 50c coin in particular is worth over R3000. Aiden Sookden investigates which date and imprint copper and silver coins you should keep an eye out for. Keep reading to find out if you could make some money on your spare change...
Have you ever looked at a coin and thought: “This coin looks brand new”?
It shines just like newly polished silver... And it doesn't have a single mark on it. It's in mint condition!
So you turn it over to check the date on the back to see how old it is.
You're surprised to see it was minted in 2008.
What's significant about that

Nostalgic coins can make you a small fortune
Well, every time the SA government decides to honour a special day, event or icon, they get the Reserve Bank to mint a special commemorative circulation coin – be it a 50c, R2 or even R5 coin. These are the types of coins people would rather store for their uniqueness than spend.
When that happens, the coin’s rarity factor increases. People start hoarding these coins and that’s where the potential profit lies.
Take the 2002 Soccer World Cup 50c coin minted in support of Bafana Bafana, for example. These have almost disappeared. But if you have a good condition coin lying around somewhere at home, it’s worth around R320.
Then, there’s the 2003 50c coin minted to celebrate the South African Cricket World Cup. These sell for as much as R300.
And let’s not forget the R2 minted to celebrate ten years of freedom and democracy in 2004.
These go for anything from R10 to a couple of hundred rand.
Sell your ‘every day’ pocket change for a fat profit!
Right now, there is a handful of every day coins in circulation could net you big profits, if you know what to look for.
For example, an ungraded:
·         1994 Inaugural R5 coin is worth around R50.
·         2000 Smiling Madiba R5 coin is worth between R100 and R320.
·         2011 South African Reserve Bank 90 year Anniversary R5 coin is worth between R20 and R300.
·         2002 Soccer World Cup 50c coin is worth between R5 and R320.
·         2003 50c coin Cricket World Cup is worth between R10 and R300.
·         2004 ten years of freedom and democracy R2 coin is worth between is worth R10 to R500.
If you find any of these coins in your money jar at home, get them valued today. You could be sitting on a small fortune!

Some of the coins in your pocket right now could be worth more than you think
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