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The most desirable South African rare gold coins to own

by , 25 August 2015

Gold coins have a lure about them that many investors cannot resist. There is something unique about holding a solid gold coin in your hand.

If you're looking for exposure to the pure gold price, Kruger rands are ideal for this. But if you're looking for something a bit more special, rare gold coins are perfect.

So what makes a rare gold coin desirable? And what are the best examples to own?

Read on to find out more…

What makes a rare gold coin desirable?

As the name suggests, rare gold coins are scarce. Perhaps only a small number were minted or their age has meant numbers have dwindled.

The value of rare gold coins isn’t solely dependent on the gold price like with Kruger rands. Their condition and rarity has a massive role to play.

Coin dealers, auctions and collectors dealing in these coins tend to set the value of them. The more desirable a coin, the greater its value and potential future value.

The better the condition of a rare coin, the more it will be worth.

The best examples of rare gold coins to own

In South Africa, there are many rare gold coins which are highly desirable. If you manage to get your hands on any of these examples, you should see decent returns over the years ahead.

Take the 1902 Velpond. This coin has a mintage of 986 pieces. When it was released, it was worth £1. Within a year, it was worth £11, an increase in value of 1,000%.

This is still one of the most desirable South African rare coins.

Other South African coins worth owning include:

  • 1996 Constitution coins;
  • Burger’s Ponde;
  • The Sammy Marks Tickey;
  • Desmond Tutu R1 coin; and
  • The 2004 Mandela coin.

If you want to buy South African rare gold coins, look for those minted between 1874 and 1902 and between 1923 and 1864. These coins have soared in value over the years.

So there you have it. The most desirable South African rare gold coins to own.

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The most desirable South African rare gold coins to own
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