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The most important factor that will determine the worth of your collectibles

by , 29 April 2015

Investing in collectibles gives you an alternative way to let your money grow over the years. But you must have your wits about you and investigate your market thoroughly.

Learn as much as you can about the collectibles that interest you. And use market experts to help you determine value and authenticate items for you.

One factor has a large bearing on the value of your collectible and this is condition. It can make a difference between your items selling at a high value or a low value in the future.

Let's take a closer look at why it's so important and what you need to look for…

Focus on buying collectibles in the best condition

Even when a collectible is rare, the most important factor determining its value is its condition. An item in perfect condition is worth much more than an item that’s in a poor condition.

When looking at new collectibles to buy, you must pay attention to condition. And this is the case for all collectibles, whether it be stamps, antique furniture or art.

So how can you give the condition of an item a thorough check?

Eight things to check for in the condition of a collectible

Look at the following when looking at collectibles to invest in…

Condition check point #1:
You’re looking for items with no cracks, chips or fractures.

Condition check point #2:
Don’t buy an item that has defects or any manufacturing flaws.

Condition check point #3:
You want to see the finish in good condition. For example, the varnish on an antique table.

Condition check point #4:
Check the material used to make the item. For instance, teak furniture would generally have a higher value than pine furniture.

Condition check point #5:
Avoid buying items where there are missing pieces or parts.

Condition check point #6:
If repairs are visible or you can see touch-ups to a collectible, give it a wide berth.

Condition check point #7:
You want to buy an item that’s been well looked after. You don’t want to see excessive wear.

Condition check point #8:
Avoid buying items that have tears, rips, stains or marks. This will have a negative impact on the value of the item.

And don’t forget, once you’ve purchased items, make sure you keep them in pristine condition.

So there you have it. The most important factor that will determine the worth of your collectibles.

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The most important factor that will determine the worth of your collectibles
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