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The two biggest crypto predictions that could come true within five to ten years

by , 24 May 2018
The two biggest crypto predictions that could come true within five to ten years
We hear a lot about how cryptos will change the world. But what are they supposed to be changing specifically?

What is the big impact blockchain and other crypto tech is actually supposed to have, and on what areas of our lives?

Well, in today's issue I'm going to list the top two predictions I've seen for what this technology will do in the coming years.

And we’re not talking over the very long term here. As I wrote last week, with adoption rates’ ever increasing speed, these two predictions could come true within five to ten years.
Let me explain…         
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1. World trade will be run through blockchain
Did you ever hear this prediction from IBM’s general manager of blockchain, Jason Kelley.
He made it in his presentation at London Blockchain Week.
He said the traditional supply (or value) chain is owned by intermediaries. This is the process the supply chain takes.
Production > distribution > processing > regulations and compliance > manufacturing > point of sale.
At every step of the way there is an intermediary taking a cut. Kelley’s vision is that the blockchain will eliminate these intermediaries.
And he mentioned the partnerships IBM is forming with Walmart and Maersk. For example, Maersk is the world’s largest shipping company. If any industry can benefit from blockchain technology, it is shipping.
As Kelley showed, Maersk projects the savings and efficiency gains blockchain will provide will lead to a 5% increase in world GDP and a 15% in world trade volume. In fact, some of the world’s biggest companies are already testing it out. And the benefits they believe it will provide are massive.
2. Stock and bond markets will be run on Ethereum
As I have mentioned before, Ethereum could save bond markets billions by the use of smart contracts.
To sum it up: Ethereum smart contracts will make it very easy and secure for companies to issue bonds themselves. This will cut out many of the intermediaries that leech money from both buyers and sellers in the bond market.
It will also mean bonds can be traded around the world at any time of the day or night, just as easily as people trade cryptos right now.
And not only bonds, but the entire stockmarket could – and most likely will someday – be run on Ethereum. You can think of this in a similar way to when stockmarkets went digital.
But its impact could be arguably even bigger.
If brokers use this technology, it could eliminate or lower the fees you pay to invest. What’s more, it will also open up stockmarket investing to a whole new world of people.
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Even South Africa's biggest companies join the “Crypto Revolution – So why don’t you?
#1: JSE listed RMI Holdings’ (JSE: RMI) fintech investment arm, AlphaCode, invested R120 million in South African bitcoin platform, Luno.
An RMI senior investment executive explained the massive potential of this investment. “Luno’s bitcoin block chain base is huge, it’s fundamentally reshaping financial services, it’s a big revenue pull…you just have to look at the potential of what bitcoin and block chain can do.”
The funding Luno secured will be used to expand into 35 markets across Europe and will focus on new product development and improving excising products.
#2: JSE listed Net1’s subsidiary, Masterpayment, has been appointed as a new partner for credit card processing and acquiring for cryptocurrency purchases for Bitstamp.
Bitstamp is a leading global digital currency exchange and the largest Bitcoin exchange in the EU in terms of volume. This partnership will allow Bitstamp customers to enjoy faster and more convenient transactions, while maintaining the same high-caliber security.
So if JSE listed companies are investing in crypto, why don’t you invest in this booming market too?
See you next week.
Joshua Benton,
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The two biggest crypto predictions that could come true within five to ten years
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