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Two key crypto mistakes every SA investor must avoid!

by , 13 April 2021
Two key crypto mistakes every SA investor must avoid!
There is no doubt there is wealth to be made in the crypto markets.

But if you go in blindly without understanding the basics, then you're likely to come out of it worse than you went in.

That's why, I believe you need to understand some of the key mistakes that newbie crypto investors make.

Know these two key mistakes to avoid and you'll be that more clued up about how to navigate the crypto markets with a little more confidence.
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Mistake #1: Failure to research will lead to huge losses
The first mistake new crypto investors make is they fail to do their research. I know it’s something I’ve spoken about in Money Morning before, but every week I read about another person getting scammed.
You’ve also probably read numerous stories of how people (especially South Africans) have lost huge amounts of money, even their life-saving in some cases.
Maybe it’s greed (they only see the big returns from crypto). Or just people who are desperate to make money in a very poor economy. Either way, people get so excited about getting into crypto they neglect to research who they’re investing with or what they actually investing in.
And that leads to costly mistakes that turn into big regrets. The MTI scandal is the best example of this.
The thing is, there are tons of other “MTI type schemes” looking to deceive crypto investors with promises of 5%-15% (even higher) returns A MONTH. If you come across an investment like this, the best thing to do is…ignore, ignore, ignore!
If you’re keen to understand crypto, the best place to start, in my view, is to read Crypto Revolution: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and the Future of Money from Sam Volkering. Everything you need to know about crypto is in this book. It was even recently referred to as a crypto “Bible” in an article in The Independent.
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#2:  Not understanding why you’re investing in crypto
For example, are you investing for short-term trading gains? That means buying and selling in and out of crypto quickly to make incremental gains.
Or are you investing long term, for 5-10 years with a view to hold your crypto as a store of value or to use it for its intended purpose in the future?
Knowing what you’re in it for is important, because that determines how you will buy and store your bitcoin. Get this wrong and you can see opportunity disappear before your eyes.
If you’re a short-term crypto trader, you need to move fast to grab opportunity when it pops up. But if you’ve got your crypto in a cold storage wallet or a separate online wallet, then you’ve got to send it into the exchange before you can trade it.
That takes time. By the time your crypto clears to your exchange wallet, the opportunity may have disappeared.
On the flipside, let’s say you’re investing in crypto for the long-term. But you store it in a wallet on an exchange. Exchanges hold the private keys to wallets, not you.
That means if the exchange shuts down, goes bankrupt or someone hacks the exchange, your crypto is at risk. You could see your crypto stolen or simply vanish.
If you want to hold crypto long term, the best way to store your crypto is a hardware wallet.  
When you have your strategy right and you know what you’re planning to do with your crypto, then you’ll know how to best store it. Get it wrong, and you put your whole strategy in jeopardy.
In closing, take the time to learn, to understand, to build confidence and you’ll be a crypto investor for life. Ultimately, you won’t make these mistakes, you’ll enjoy the ride and you’ll be a part of one of the biggest wealth-creation events in history.
See you next week.
Joshua Benton,
Managing Editor, The South African Investor

Two key crypto mistakes every SA investor must avoid!
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