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Want to diversify your portfolio into alternative investments? Here are five ways to do it…

by , 19 January 2015

Investing isn't all about putting your money into stocks and bonds. You can add diversification to your portfolio by adding exposure to property, gold and cash.

But you're not just limited to these investments either.

You can also consider buying alternative investments to add further diversification.

So what types of alternative investments can you think about including?

Read on to find out…

The advantages of investing in alternative investments

If you’re looking for other non-conventional routes to invest in, alternative investments are definitely worth a look.


Well since alternative investments have a tendency to perform in isolation to your financial investments, they can provide your portfolio with stability during times when financial markets aren’t performing well.

Not only that, with alternative investments, you can invest in things you have a passion for.

What types of alternative investments can you look to?

The alternative investments market is vast. Here are five alternative investments to consider…

How to combine your love of literature by investing in rare books
Why investing in ancient coins can pay off over the long-term
Enjoy a whisky to help you wind down? Here’s how you can invest in rare Scotch whisky
How to successfully invest in art
Enjoy collecting stamps? Here’s how to make it a viable investment

If you want to know more about alternative investments, check out our vital report here.

And don’t forget, if you have any questions about alternative investments, ask our team of experts here.

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Want to diversify your portfolio into alternative investments? Here are five ways to do it…
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