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What will drive the crypto market's next big rally?

by , 02 March 2020
What will drive the crypto market's next big rally?
Let's be honest…

The kind of crypto price mania that happened in 2017 and 2018 was driven by people.

Ordinary investors and speculators trying to make fast money from any crypto that they could get their hands on.

But that's all changed since the boom and crash of the crypto market…

The market and technology behind cryptos has matured and rapidly gained acceptance globally. And because of this, it won't ONLY be ordinary investors that will drive the next crypto boom…

It will also be…
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The multi-billion dollar companies that are rapidly investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain!
Well they’re starting to realise that Blockchain can revolutionise all kinds of industries, and that’s a big thing!
You see, the responsibility of listed companies is to grow and deliver profit to shareholders. And this has become harder in a world that’s constantly changing, with new ideas and competitors popping up all the time.
So, to sustain growth, companies need to cut costs and/or invest in new technologies that will deliver their services in a speedy, efficient and cost-effective way. 
While Blockchain technology doesn’t solve all problems and it’s not applicable to everything, it does solve a lot of issues in terms of bringing down costs to serve, cost to the end customer, and it delivers a more efficient system.
An example of just one company using blockchain to drive efficiency is Barclays, the UK’s second-largest bank. The company uses blockchain technology to streamline fund transfers and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) processes.
Another benefit is that Blockchain is immutable, which means you can’t go back and change it. It’s a chain of information and data that companies can rely on.
This is important in a world that’s becoming far more reliant on corporate and social responsibility, and making sure that things like supply chains are done sustainably.
And that’s what makes it so appealing to people, multi-billion dollar corporations and even governments!
For example,
Diamond giant De Beers uses a blockchain platform called Tracr to regulate their supply chain management system and track any size of diamonds from the mining site to the retail store. This is a great way to prove that the diamonds coming from DeBeers is 100% real.
Unilever uses blockchain to manage the tea industry. The technology helps the company track all of their transactions in the supply chain, and track the suppliers to ensure the highest quality in every step.
These are just a few examples, but there are many multi-billion dollar companies investing in or using blockchain technology:
And we haven’t even touched on the crypto investment space, with futures and options markets gaining traction and opening crypto assets for billion-dollar institutional investors.
In fact, a 2020 Fidelity survey of institutional investors found 47% had an “overwhelmingly favourable” opinion of cryptocurrencies.
“Institutional investors are finding appeal in digital assets, and many are looking to invest more in digital assets over the next five years.”
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So what does this all mean for cryptos?
To answer, let’s look at what our resident crypto expert, Sam Volkering, says…
“…the kinds of crypto that these companies use as the foundation of these new systems and applications. With the network that they bring in…and the user bases that they bring to the table, you’ve got to consider that those foundational cryptos would have the potential to see some real value increase over time.
So I certainly think that as these big giants of the industry get involved in certain crypto, that it’s those crypto that they’re getting into, that they’re using as the base for this, that we could potentially see a rise in value.”
And with prices already booming in 2020, we just might be at the beginning stage of a second crypto rally…One that could fly much higher than in 2017!
In short, the wave of interest from multi-billion dollar investors is setting the stage to deliver investors life-changing gains from cryptos…If you know where to invest.
See you next week.
Joshua Benton,
Managing Editor, The South African Investor
P.S. Inside Sam's book you will also find one of the greatest opportunities available in the crypto market right now: It's a revolutionary crypto that some experts are calling the "New Internet".

What will drive the crypto market's next big rally?
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