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Your bookies will hate this!

by , 01 June 2018
Your bookies will hate this!
The bookies love those punters who back favourites but they absolutely loathe the winning each way punters.

But in sports betting there are many ways to profit from a single rugby game.

From number of tries, number of cards, number of points to who will score the first try.

The most popular alternative market to bet on in rugby is the handicap market.

A simple but powerful way to change the outcome of the game, which the bookies won't tell you about.

Do you find this hard to believe?
So did I when I first heard about it.
But once I saw how much ordinary investors were making… 
Here’s why you should look at the Handicap Market…
There are two good reasons, why it is sometimes better to avoid outright betting in rugby and look at alternative markets the bookie might offer. 
Let’s take the game this week-end between the the Brumbies vs Sunwolves, there is no value in betting on the favourite to win.
Why, you ask yourself? 

If you place a R1,000 bet on the Brumbies to beat the Sunwolves, your pay-out will be a measly:
R1,000 x 0.011=R11
Measly Pay-Out of R11…
This is when you look to an alternative betting market on offer.
Secondly, the handicap market has become so popular in rugby is that it offers another alternative to making money from any one game.
With up to seven games a weekend in the Super Rugby alone, that adds up to a nice weekend of sports betting profits… or your tab at the pub covered.
But you won’t get far if you don’t understand what handicap betting is and the types offered in South Africa.
So, what is the Handicap market?
“The Handicap market is a numerical figure set by the bookmaker to counter the perceived bias in abilities of opponents”
This may sound like complete jargon, so I’ll explain it in a simpler term.
The handicap market levels the playing field by accounting for a perceived strength of the  players by literally applying a score to their handicap.
Meaning that you can give a team with the perceived advantage on the field, a ‘handicap’ on the score board.
Giving bettors the opportunity to find more value when backing the favourite.
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This example will paint a better picture.
The bookie will advertise the odds like this:

Brumbies (-31.5) – Sunwolves (+31.5)
So if you wanted to back the Sunwolves here you would add 31.5 points to their final score. If the Sunwolves score plus the 31.5 points added, were more than the Brumbies match score, your bet is a winner. 
The same thing would apply to the Brumbies, seeing as they are the stronger side, they would start the game 31.5 points behind the Sunwolves.
If you believe the Brumbies will win the game by more than 31.5 points, then you would back the Brumbies (-31.5).
Simple, right?
And taking into account the odds on offer if your bet on the Brumbies is a winner your potential pay-out begins to look like a valuable bet.
R1,000 x 0.9=R900
R900 compared to R11…
You be the judge…
Until next time,
Christopher Ammon
P.S: This weekend we enter week 16 of the Super Rugby tournament, and as you can see there are plenty ways to profit from this weekend games. Join The Winning Streak and profit from this weekend games.

Your bookies will hate this!
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