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Don't listen to the naysayers - it's the perfect time to invest in China

by , 01 March 2013

China's manufacturing activity growth has impressed economists into saying it isn't heading for a hard landing after all. And while its figures were lower today, gains have been very healthy in the past few months. So you shouldn't let today's slight slump put you off - it's actually the perfect time to invest in China!
Asian markets were slightly lower on Friday as traders took a breather after healthy gains in the previous session.
Chinese data showed growth in manufacturing activity had also slowed slightly, says Fin24.
But if you’ve invested in China, you shouldn’t see this as a sign to pull out.
That’s because China’s official purchasing managers' index (PMI) showed activity in the crucial manufacturing sector eased to 50.1 last month from 50.4 in January. 
And a reading above 50 still indicates growth.
Added to this, around 30% of the world’s economic growth in the next two years is still expected to come from China, and by 2015, it’s estimated that half of the world’s new building construction will be happening in China, says EnergyGreen.
China’s a top emerging market to invest in!
That’s why you need to get into Chinese stocks now, before the really big upward rally happens.
Because “China’s rebound is gathering momentum thanks to recent pro-growth policies from the government,” reports EuroNews.
That’s why top economists say China will bounce back sooner than you think.
So if you invest in China, you’ll soon see a profit.
Invest in China with a futures benchmark index
An easy way to do this is to invest in the futures benchmark indices of the Brics countries, says the Financial Mail.  
And China’s Hang Seng enterprise index future is one of the most popular among these.
So take a long-term view to investing in China, and don’t let minor drops put you off. 
The strength of this emerging market will see you profiting for decades to come!

Don't listen to the naysayers - it's the perfect time to invest in China
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