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Here's an easy way to profit from China's hard bounce

by , 07 February 2013

With investor's currently focussing on emerging markets for portfolio growth, it comes as a relief that sentiment shosws China is set for a hard bounce, not a hard landing. And local powerhouse brewery SAB Miller agrees. The group just clinched an $863 million expansion deal with China. Here's how you can follow suit and profit from China growth.
In May last year, Gavin Fourie warned on MoneyMorning that China’s on a path of world domination.

Smart investors are sitting up and taking notice of this.

Now, SAB Miller, the world's second-biggest brewer, is set to expand further into high-growth regional markets in China after CR Snow, a local joint venture, agreed to buy Kingway Brewery assets, says Fin24.

Asia’s $258 billion beer market is growing twice as fast as the rest of the world, leading to rising competition and expectations of more industry deals in China this year.

“The acquisition of Kingway (assets) gives us greater access to high growth and attractive regional markets in China, thereby enhancing CR Snow's competitive position,” said SAB Asia Pacific managing director Ari Mervis onFin24..

Here’s how you can take advantage of these conditions through the BRICS exchange alliance

South African investors have been slow to take up the opportunity of investing in the futures benchmark indices of the Brics countries, says the Financial Mail website.  

But it’s a great way for you to gain exposure to emerging markets without exhausting your foreign investment allowance.

Within the BRICS markets, China’s Hang Seng enterprise index future has been among the most popular so far.

Take advantage of the BRICS exchange alliance today and profit from China’s ongoing growth story.

Here's an easy way to profit from China's hard bounce
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