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5 Game Changers to Coach Your Company to Success

by , 27 January 2016

I'm not a big rugby fan. However, when it comes to the World Cup. I watch every South African game. I'm a patriotic South African. I feel that it's important to support our sports teams when we're playing in such important international games.

I get really worked up when the team wins and fails. I end up shouting, jumping and clutching the couch pillows out frustration and anxiety. And I know I'm not the only one… Francois Joubert, Editor of Red Hot Penny Shares is generally quite well composed. But even he almost lost his lunch watching South Africa play Wales. He was so tense about the game his stomach almost gave in.

Then, when I watched the epic battle where South Africa lost to the All Blacks by two points, I chugged down a six pack of beer in the first half! I felt like I was on the field with the team.

But I'm not telling you this to brag about how much beer I can drink.

Let me ask you something… Do you watch rugby like a fan or like a coach?

Do you watch your business like a fan or a coach? 
There’s an important reason why I’m asking this. Let me explain…
There are 30 players on a rugby field. 15 of those players are on your team. They’re all fighting for the same ball. The coach stands on the side-lines watching every tackle, scrum, run and pass. He’s not doing any of the physical activity but he is equally, if not more involved in the game as the players on the field.
When one of the players is injured, his team is instantly weaker. When the team scores try, he celebrates with them! He drives the team with his strategic plays. He needs to adapt these plays to beat the opposition.
The same is true in business…
Running a winning business takes time, effort, commitment and most importantly… Passion
You rely on a team of employees to drive your business dreams. If one of your employees is sick, your team is a little weaker. Either you need to find a replacement or, you need to drive the rest of the team harder to make up for the missing player.
No matter what the challenge is, you need to drive your team. And, to do that effectively you need to:
Business Game Changer #1 - Step out of the game for a better perspective
In business, you need to know what’s really happening on the field, you need be at the game. This is not TV, you’re in the game. You’re not standing in the stands or sitting on the couch. You don’t have the luxury of action replays. You’re in the middle of the action taking the hits left, right and centre…
But to keep your pulse on your game you need to keep your eye on everything. The only way to do that isn’t to be bogged down with tasks that your employees should be doing.
Let’s say for example that you’ve started your own biltong business. You have one employee that cuts, spices and hangs the meat. You initially have to show him how this works… But at some point you need to let him do it by himself. So, step back and let him do it.
All you need to do is monitor the quality of the finished product. This way, you’re freeing up your time to focus on other parts of your business. If you see the quality of the product degrade then you can step in and address this problem to restore the quality of your product.
That brings me to my next business game changer…
Business Game Changer #2 – Watch the replays and learn from your mistakes
PVR decoders are great when you watch sport at home. It helps you stop, rewind, check the play out again and spot the moments for improvements. By constantly re-checking the plays, you know what works and what doesn’t.
In business, you need to constantly review your processes, employee performance, product pricing, suppliers costs and a host of other business requirements. Not only does this help you streamline the business operations, it helps you to identify new opportunities to save money and even identify new customers.
Now, I know you want to get your hands on my next three Business Game Changers. The good news is… I reveal these in my next edition of Fast-track Millionaire. 

·         Business Game Changer #3 – Look for the upside not the finished product
·         Business Game Changer #4 – Have the balls to try new ideas
·         Business Game Changer #5 – Understand that predicting success doesn’t secure success 
But that’s not all…
I will also reveal my next best business idea and a way that you can make your first investment with just R100. No, I’m not joking… You can start investing with just R100 and I will show you exactly how to do this.
So,click here to find out more about Minimum Wage Millionaire and the great work that my team and I do!

5 Game Changers to Coach Your Company to Success
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