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Raising quail for profit: How to start your own quail farm from the comfort of your garden

by , 13 January 2016

I know you're looking for affordable ways to generate extra income.

Today, I want to introduce you to a low cost, high profit business that involves raising quail in your back garden.

Not only is this a great second income opportunity, this business idea has the potential to become your lucrative main source of income.

I'm so convinced that this business idea will work that I'm considering this as my next home business.

There are four reasons why I'm so keen on this opportunity…

• It's very easy to start and maintain a quail farm in your back garden
• Quail eggs and meat are in high demand
• There are very few quail farmers in South Africa
• Quail farming is entertaining and highly profitable

I'm going to show you exactly how to start this business from your home and share the stories of an entrepreneur that successfully started her own quail farms at home and built it into a major business concern.

First, you need to…

Understand your profitable quail farming opportunity
Quail is a bird about the size of a plump pigeon. In the wild, it lives in forests and wooded
areas. It’s a brown feathered game bird with short tails. It’s mainly found in Europe, Asia and
Africa but its popularity is gaining global momentum.
The bird’s origin goes as far back as the 11th century and it’s mentioned in the Old Testament
of the Bible. Towards the end of the 11th century, the Japanese farmed and bred the bird and
today it’s known as Japanese Quail.
Six compelling reasons this odd-looking bird is such a lucrative
small business investment

1. Quails are very easy to raise and the business is self-sustaining
The most attractive part of raising quail is that it’s a self-sustainable business opportunity. Quails reach adulthood in six weeks and start laying eggs almost immediately after this. That means you can start selling a portion of the eggs and get a quick return on your initial investment.
You should consider keeping some of the eggs for hatching. If you raise the quail in the right environment, you can soon start doubling or tripling your production figures. Quails lay around 350 eggs a year. Females don’t need males to lay eggs so if you get 24 females, you’ll soon be in good profit territory.
2. Quail products are delicious and healthy
Once you’ve started selling eggs, you can also look at selling quail meat. The meat is delicious and healthy. Quail meat and eggs are quickly gaining popularity because the products provide important minerals and vitamins. This plays into your favour because you can sell the meat and the eggs at a premium.
3. Low maintenance means lower operating costs
Raising quail from your home doesn’t require high maintenance. The birds don’t need much space to move around in and your home farm can start making profits quickly. Your main concern would be to keep the little birds well fed and watered. The hardest part of raising quail would be the days when you collect the eggs and clean the cages, even this requires very little effort. However, you need to do this regularly to ensure high production numbers.
4. Quails don’t eat much
Feeding the birds won’t add massive costs to your business planning. These birds will thrive on a special mixture of corn, wheat calcium carbonate and sunflower seeds. They even eat chicken feed, other grains, leaves and insects. Some quail farmers feed the quail weeds from their garden.
5. A disease resistant bird
Unlike other farm animals, quail don’t get sick easily and hardly require special care. But since you’re dealing with animals, make sure that you have a reliable veterinary specialist in your contact list. You might never have to call on these services though.
6. Demand for quail is growing fast because of its health benefits
I’ve briefly mentioned the healthy nature of quail meat and eggs. The fact that the meat and eggs are low in fat and high in protein makes is very popular. It can help with the treatment of diseases like diabetes, tuberculosis, liver disease, hypertension and a host of other ailments means that many consumers are looking to buy this healthy alternative.
7. The profit potential is substantial
If you’d like to find out more about the low cost and high profit business opportunity, then I encourage you to attend the Biz-Op Bootcamp on 30 January 2016 where I will discuss this and more of my favourite business ideas to make you multiple streams of income for life.
Click here to book your seat now…
Let’s build your wealth together,
Aiden Sookdin
Editorial director

Raising quail for profit: How to start your own quail farm from the comfort of your garden
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