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The petrol price is heading up again tonight - Increase your income today

by , 05 July 2016
The petrol price is heading up again tonight - Increase your income today
Times are tough and they're only going to get worse. According to the department of energy, you can expect the price of petrol to go up by at least 11 cents per litre tonight. Diesel will increase by 42 cents per litre. The price of paraffin is going up by 43 cent per litre.

The main reason for the fuel price increase is related to the fact that petroleum product prices are going up. Fortunately for us, the rand strengthened slightly against the dollar. If this didn't happen, we'd be paying a lot more for petrol as of midnight tonight.

With the cost of fuel increasing, you can expect to see a slight increase in the price of food too. That means that consumers will be expected to fork out more on their grocery bills, transport and basic goods over the next few months.

To overcome the ever increasing cost of living in South Africa, you need to find new ways to bolster your income.

The best way to increase your income quickly in the coming months

When I wrote The Minimum Wage Millionaire, I wanted to show people that income, not investing is the way to build real wealth. I wrote the book so that you can learn how to grow your wealth one income stream at a time and offset the high cost of living.  
In the book, I show you how profitable a small home business can be. Many of us need to use our spare time and space and turn this into income streams.
So, I found scoured the markets to find the best low cost / high profit businesses that you can start from your home with less than R5,000.
Now I understand that we all have a different passion that’s why I filled this book with...

 14 of the best home business ideas I could get my hands on

The Minimum Wage Millionaire contains step-by-step home business blueprints. Some will be online. Others will be traditional offline 'bricks and mortar' ideas. If you have any questions, simply ask them on www.moneyclub.co.za and I will give you an answer!

You will get a 'how-to' guide... plus my best appraisal of how much money you could make.

You'll also learn more about becoming an entrepreneur: the risks, the costs, the business strategies, the commitment required... and the potential rewards that this lifestyle offers – provided you're prepared to put in the work to make it happen.

The petrol price is heading up again tonight - Increase your income today
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