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The secrets of a multi-billion dollar publisher revealed - The best place to sell your e-book for maximum success…

by , 21 December 2015

I hope that you're excited. This is the last part in the series of secrets revealed by the largest direct mail business in the world. In fact, as we speak, Fleet Street Publications South Africa, is the largest business of its kind in Africa.

Our success is nothing to be snickered it… So take this information seriously, because this is a proven formula to publishing success.

I've already revealed what you should be writing about, I've showed you how we market our products for maximum success.

Now, I'm going to show you exactly where to sell your new book and get the best results from your marketing copy.

Where to sell your book and see the money quicker
OK – as this isn’t a usual book, the normal routes are cut off to you. Book shops – forget it, Amazon – won’t work...
So where do you sell your book? Well, you have a few options…
You can place classifieds in magazines/journals/newspapers that are relevant to your book. Or, you can find online publications that cater for the needs of your specific target market and ask them to run your advertisements in their newsletters, on their websites or even at their events.
Simply run the headline you’ve chosen, and include a link to a web page that has your full sales promotion on it. It is also a good idea to design an attractive cover for your book to use in your marketing.
Now, the owners of the website will want a hefty cut for this (probably 60/40 in their favour), but don’t shy away from this. Finding the right sort of customer to sell to is a MASSIVE task that could take you years on your own.
If you can strike deals with companies that already have a database chock full of these right sort of customers, go for it.
It means you’ll see the money much quicker!
Write copy from the BUYER’S point of view – It will pay off
Once you’ve decided where you’re going to sell your book, aim your marketing material directly at that target audience.
You want them to be so excited about your product that they’re reaching for their credit
card or cheque book the second they have finished reading.
You can brainstorm the initial ideas with a colleague or trusted friend before you begin writing, if you like. I don’t recommend more than one person writing a piece of copy though, as it’s a very personal form of communication.
My number one rule is: You cannot write sales copy by committee!
Build trust – Write as you would talk to a friend
Having a trusted, honest friend read through your copy when you have finished can be a great help in weeding out any small mistakes. These can range from typos to dull, uninspiring copy. It’s better that they tell you now, rather than having spelling mistakes in your finished draft, or worse, a failed mailshot. BUT... don’t allow them to put you off.
he offer almost certainly will not appeal to them (unless they just happen to be your target audience – unlikely) and so they are likely to be sceptical about whether it will sell or not.
You’re not interested in that. You want typos, errors, and glaring omissions, not their opinion on whether the copy will sell product. The bottom line is that they have zero knowledge about this (which is why they’re still stuck in that dead-end job!).
Let the enthusiasm for your product shine through in your copywriting
If you can’t get excited about the product or service, then you can’t expect other people to be motivated to buy it. Most great copywriters use and enjoy their own product, and/or are so passionate about it they can’t wait to inform the whole world.
So remember this GoldenTip... Passion is the key to success!
Well, that’s the basics covered. Pretty simple huh? And believe me, it REALLY can make you a lot of money.
As long as you're prepared to put the research in and work at this, you could have an e-book ready in two weeks – a month at most. Remember, they don’t have to be massive; 50-150 pages is the norm.
Spend another 2-4 weeks getting your sales promotion ready (and test it on friends similar to your target market – their feedback will be invaluable) and you’ll have a product that will cost your virtually nothing to run, that could pull you in money month after month after month.
Let’s Build your wealth together,

Aiden Sookdin
Editorial Director
If you’d like to find out more about this, and countless other income generating strategies, then make sure that you attend the Biz-Op Bootcamp taking place in Johannesburg on 30 January 2016. I’ll personally show you everything you need to start generating income and living a financially free life… 


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The secrets of a multi-billion dollar publisher revealed - The best place to sell your e-book for maximum success…
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