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The secrets of a multi-billion dollar publisher revealed - Three secrets to ensure your e-book sells like hot cakes

by , 21 December 2015

Nothing compares to the exhilaration of writing and selling an e-book. Trust me I know. When I published my first e-book, The Home Business Tycoon, I watched every sale like a hawk. Then, when I published my second book, The Minimum Wage Millionaire, I nearly fell out of my chair when I watched the sales roll in.

There's something motivating knowing that every sale will result in money flowing into your bank account.

In Part One of this series, I revealed our secrets to writing great content for your books. As promised, today, I'm going to show you how to create the marketing you need to sell your book successfully.

So, let's get to it…
Step One – Creating the spin to improve your sales
Okay, we touched on this point when we looked at the USP in Part One (If you didn’t see this – Click here), but there’s a subtle difference between USP and spin.
USP is the essential difference between the content of your book and all the others out there. Whereas spin is the ‘perceived’ difference – something that makes the information you want to share feel unique. This is vital when it comes to making your book successful.
For example... Gym instructors, ex-athletes or celebrities with fabulous bodies will write most mainstream books on fitness. That’s the mainstream way... fit, muscular person = book on turning you into a fit, muscular person.
But in the market we’re going to target, things can be different.
Now, if you’re a qualified, super-fit, trainer to the stars, then there’s no point in burying it; you may as well make that your USP.
But for ordinary guys and gals, we need to be a bit cannier. SO... spin the subject!
A book that is selling like hot cakes online at the moment is written by a self-confessed Fatso Dad who was forced into losing weight when his son saw a picture of his Dad taken a few years earlier and asked ‘who’s that skinny man?’.
That’s a great story – one that immediately gets you hooked. It’s human, it’s real – and it sounds TRUE. So if you have views that you think will help people, think of the spin you can use.
Step Two – Content is king. So, let them know what to expect from your book
In the e-book market, content is king. People aren’t after pictures or glossy covers or opinion... they’re after useful, achievable ways to lose weight/make money on the stock market/earn a living from business opportunities etc.
So make your book DENSE with actionable information that people can actually USE, rather than simply read about theoretically. Most importantly, if you’re writing about complicated subjects like accounting, make sure that you write your content in a ways that everyone will understand. Avoid jargon and be sure to explain complicated terms.
Step Three – Secure your success with a powerful sales message
Now, if an e-book fails to sell, the sales is usually the reason.
Here’s the thing – if you’ve written a great e-book that reveals an easy-step-by-step strategy to turn junk into R140,000 a year, NO ONE will buy it unless your sales message gets THE BENEFIT of your great idea across.
Honestly, you could invent a time machine, but unless you can communicate that to people, and make them BELIEVE it, you wouldn’t sell a single unit.
To create the strongest sales message possible, Fleet Street Publications embraces the principles of the four Ps. We’ve used this successfully every time we launch a new product, so I suggest you pay attention… This is a secret, not many people have access too.
How the 4 Ps can help you sell snow to an Eskimo
It’s starts with your promise – The PROMISE is where you state, quite simply, what your e-book is going to do for the reader. Remember this – whenever someone starts looking at an ad, the first thing they’ll want to know is, ‘What’s in it for me?
Why should I keep reading this – my time is valuable’.
Of course they might not think that in those in exact words, but the question will be scratching around in the back of their mind. So you need to answer it quickly.
Now – a great headline is essential, it needs to GRAB the reader’s attention and tell them, quickly, why they should read on.
Paint a picture for your reader – This is where you SHOW the reader what his or her life will be like before they’ve read the book, and the magnificent difference after they’ve read the book. You have to get them feeling how great/different/better their life will be once they’ve discovered your secrets. Here’s an example,
“Imagine sipping cocktails on the beach in the Maldives, while you watch the kids playing in the crystal clear sea... knowing that when you check your bank account from your laptop, another R2,700 will have hit your account overnight...”
Hey – I want a life like that! Doesn’t it sound great? Of course it does. But (and it’s a big but), the picture you paint must be achievable through the book you’re offering. It must have that potential.
Don’t mislead people – it’s wrong, and they’ll soon see through you.
Prove that what you’re saying is true – The first two Ps are the emotional pulls. By now, the reader should really want your book – so all you need to do at this stage is reassure him that he’s made the right decision.
Here’s a few quick ways to build up proof:
·         Lay out your credentials as an expert in your field...
·         Get other experts to endorse your book/system/ideas...
·         Use testimonials from other everyday people who’ve followed your ideas with success...
·         Back up your ideas with scientific facts or quotes from the papers...
For every claim you make, you need to back it up with proof.
Make a strong final push – Don’t be shy to ask for the money! You’ve got a great book, you know it’ll help people achieve their goals, they’re hooked, they want it – so lay out the offer CLEARLY.
Tell them how much you want for the book, how it will be dispatched (as this is an e-book, it’ll be as a pdf document, which means there’s virtually NO costs for you – you just email it to them, or provide a link to a website where they can download it), and make clear any guarantees.
Remember, even though you might be writing your first book, you still deserve the best sales possible. Following this simple formula will dramatically increase the sales of your new book.
Believe in what you’re doing, let your passion shine through in the pages of your marketing and e-book content. This is your chance to use these proven secrets of our multi-billion dollar business and start building your own library of best sellers.
In the final instalment, I’m going to show you where to sell your book. You’ve got the book, you’ve got your marketing material, now you need to find the people who need the information you’ve written about.
So don’t miss out on the final instalment to this series…
Let’s build your wealth together,
Aiden Sookdin
Editorial Director,
P.S. I believe that the secrets to real wealth should be available to everyone. Not only those who can afford it.
You want to set your own hours, make more cash to give your family a better life, and enjoy all the benefits that come with being an independent entrepreneur. You want the freedom to spend time with your kids… the admiration of your friends… and the satisfaction of knowing you’re in control, not your boss.
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The secrets of a multi-billion dollar publisher revealed - Three secrets to ensure your e-book sells like hot cakes
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