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The secrets of a multi-billion dollar publisher revealed - Three secrets to making some serious money from e-writing

by , 21 December 2015

Fleet Street Publications (FSP) is just one part of the largest direct mail business in the world, The Agora Group. With affiliates and offices in nearly every corner of the globe, we've built a massively successful multi-billion dollar business using the techniques that I'm about to reveal to you over the next few days…

It's not complicated, doesn't require any special skills and, best of all, you can use your personal experiences to start raking in thousands of extra rands, every single year.

So, if you believe you have what it takes to make some serious money from writing e-books, then keep reading. Over the next few days I'm about to reveal all the secrets we use to write, market and sell our books.

Most importantly, I'm going to show you how to profit from it yourself…

Right, let's get to the first part…

Three ways to write your e-book and make a mini fortune in the process…  
Step One: Improve your chance of success – Forget about fiction
It’s highly unlikely you’ll make a cent from writing about a young wizard who goes to wizard’s school. I mean, who ever heard of that making money?! Oh... right... yes, Harry Potter.
But seriously, the success of fiction books is limited to those that really make it BIG. In most cases, lucky fiction writers make maybe R10,000 for a book in a year… Most don’t earn a cent from all their hard work.
So, you should consider showing people how to achieve more and have a successful life can be an instant money spinner. Your e-book must focus on something that’s useful to the reader.
How to make R30,000 a month in your spare time... how to lose weight and keep it off...The thrilling trick that makes you R5every time you place a bet...
These book titles show that your book delivers a clear benefit.
Step two: Your personal experience can help you rake in the cash
If possible, write about something you know. If you’re a manager at a casino and know how to beat the system – that would be useful. Or, if you’re a successful stock market trader who knows the secret signals that will help people make money – people will pay for that.
Here’s the thing... I GUARANTEE you already know something that’s useful. And by useful, I mean something that you could write down and charge money for. If you’ve survived 30, 40, 50, 60+ years on this planet, you’ll have great experience in any number of suitable areas: raising kids, enjoying life on a shoestring budget, losing weight, getting fit, watching the pennies... just focus on an area that interests you and start writing!
Draw on your experience, and reinforce that with research on the Internet or quotes that support your arguments from books that you’ve read.
Step Three: Understand the three most important letters in the alphabet... 
Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the one thing that sets your book aside from all the others in the market. Basically, you have to figure out what’s different about your e-book from anyone else’s... what makes it better?
For example, How To Get Rich is something everyone would like to know... but there’s nothing new about it. There are hundreds of How To Get Rich Books around, so you need to work out how your angle is different, and get it into the title.
·         So, How to make R110,000 a year by selling old books one hour a week...  
·         How to lose 5kg in a month eating cake, or
·         The loser’s financial strategy: How to get rich making a pathetic R55-R70 every day
These titles are much more compelling and attractive.
Whatever it is, there has to be something different (or at least something that seems different) about your e-book, and you need to get that difference across as soon as possible.
These three points are the hardest part to getting started and creating your book, so spend some time doing the research and making your book a real stand-out must-have!
Spend some time in your local bookstore (and if you live in a small town, make the effort to go to your nearest city and find a CNA or Exclusive Books).
Check out the sorts of books that you’ll be focusing on – how to make money, how to lose weight, how to be a better mum, how to create the perfect garden etc... and make a note of the book titles and what the book promises to do.
Also look on the inside cover and see who’s written it, and what their credentials are.
Most importantly – SEE WHAT’S MISSING! Have a good think about what’s on offer, and what you can provide that’s different.
Now that you know how to generate the best content for your book, you need to focus on creating a need for your product and then selling it successfully.
In the next article, I‘m going to show you how to:
·         Spin your USP into a strong marketing gimmick 
·         Develop strong content for your target market 
·         Create your winning sales message 
Let’s build your wealth together,
Aiden Sookdin
Editorial Director,
P.S. You want to set your own hours, make more cash to give your family a better life, and enjoy all the benefits that come with being an independent entrepreneur. You want the freedom to spend time with your kids… the admiration of your friends… and the satisfaction of knowing you’re in control, not your boss. Click here now and I’ll send you everything you need to secure your seat at the Biz-op Bootcamp

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I remember watching TV with my cousins on the couch when two men in blue overalls barged into my uncle’s house and took everything he owned.
I will never forget the stunned silence as my family stood there – helpless.


The secrets of a multi-billion dollar publisher revealed - Three secrets to making some serious money from e-writing
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