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Trading calendar 9 to 13 November 2015

by , 09 November 2015

Here is this week's trading calendar with the important data releases and announcements you need to know about.

On the calendar below, yellow highlights the most important announcements.

These releases have the biggest potential to move the market and stop you out of trades…

Traders should keep an eye on:
  • Tuesday’s financing and consumer inflation data out of China;
  • Thursday’s employment data out of Australia; and
  • Friday’s gross domestic product data out of the EU and advance retail sales data out of the US.
Trading calendar

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Are you trading Forex or are you just gambling your money away? 
You may have seen the Leonardo DiCaprio film, Wolf of Wall Street.
In my favourite scene of the movie, DiCaprio’s character is having lunch with another trader played by Matthew McConaughey.
In between Martinis, McConaughey tells DiCaprio, “Only once their money’s out it’s real - we’ve got to keep it in.”
These guys know that as long as they keep the money IN the system, it’s ‘not real’ . 
But, this is a very short-term attitude (not to mention immoral).
They ignored what really drives the market and they ended up losing - the firm they worked for went bankrupt within two years.
After years of gambling with a short-term focus, treating the market numbers as if they weren’t real, as if there were no products behind them, no real money… they came up short.
And, if you rely on a Forex system, it’s exactly the same - gambling on a short term focus that will leave you short.
The markets change and if you don’t focus on what really drives them you’ll lose out financially and eventually emotionally when the losses wear you down.
But, as I say, there is a solution to this problem.


Trading calendar 9 to 13 November 2015
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