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  • Revealed: The ins and outs of CFDs
  • If you fancy adding a bit of trading excitement to your portfolio, how about CFDs? By trading CFDs you can profit when the market is rising and falling. Read on to find out more about how they work… CFDs, or contracts for difference, are a great way to capitalise on the moves of a share or other underlying asset, explains Viv Govender, analyst of Index Trader. A CFD is an over the counter (... ››› more
  • [05 August 2013]
  • Uncovered: Four reasons why you should trade CFDs
  • If you want to start trading, but haven't yet taken the plunge, contracts for difference (CFDs) could be the trading instrument for you. They're a great way for you to trade the stock market and get those profits rolling in. Read on to discover why you should be trading CFDs… Contracts for difference (CFDs) are over the counter (OTC) derivatives. CFDs trade through “market makers,” not an ... ››› more
  • [11 July 2013]
  • CFDs uncovered: Your essential guide to this money multiplying trading tool
  • If you're sick of investing in shares and spending sleepless nights worrying every time the share price dips, listen up: By trading CFDs, you can profit if the market goes up or down. Read on to discover exactly what CFDs are and they can improve your portfolio's success… Before unravelling what a CFD is, you need to know what a derivative is, explains FSP Invest’s Ultimate Contracts for Dif... ››› more
  • [07 June 2013]
  • Four tips to manage your risk if you're trading CFDs
  • Over the last few years, CFDs have become increasingly popular in South Africa. In fact, “it's thought that in the near future, they'll kick single stock futures off the top spot and become the most popular trading product in South Africa,” says the Ultimate Contracts for Difference Guide. But, if you're taking advantage of what CFDs have to offer, it's crucial you manage the downside risks al... ››› more
  • [06 May 2013]
  • Lessons learnt from a man who lost R1 million from a single mistake
  • A couple of weeks ago I was speaking to some brokerage buddies of mine. And one broker told me a morbid story. You see, one of his clients had a non-discretionary account. This basically means that it's totally up to the client to decide where to put his own money… And this particular client was absolutely convinced this one share in particular would skyrocket. Disregarding the broker's advice... ››› more
  • [03 May 2013]
  • Use this simple strategy to stay protected and profit in uncertain markets
  • Recently, while having a drink after an action cricket match in Sandton, one of my team mates, Albѐ – a man with an ability to spin a cricket ball a ridiculous amount and a real passion for trading the markets – told me that he’d read a report talking about a great “pair trade” opportunity. Pair trading is a great way to profit in uncertain times Make sure you get the weigh... ››› more
  • [06 December 2012]

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