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Finally, you can trade the world! And it's all thanks to the JSE's new eCFDs

by , 13 May 2014

For months, traders have been patiently waiting for JSE to list some international exchange traded Contracts for Difference (eCFDs). And boy have they come to the party.

Because I'm passionate about index trading, I've often envied the offshore managers who can choose from thousands of ETFs to trader.

Not anymore!

Your trading universe has just gotten a little bigger, in fact, it's gone global! And I can't wait to tell you what that means…

The JSE has just launched three new CFDs you can use to trade the market

The other day, I received an email from the JSE telling me about three new eCFDs it’s just launched. This will enable traders like you to profit from baskets of international companies from Japan to the USA and even the top companies on the planet in the MSCI World.
That’s great news!
You see, when it comes to index trading, more choice equates to more opportunity and more opportunity leads to the possibility of more profits. 
Now that these new international exchange traded funds are finally available for you to trade, I’m chomping at the bit to start profiting. In fact, I already know what my first trade is going to be. 
But first let me tell a bit about these new ETFs.

What is a eCFD and how do they work?

The new eCFDs are written on the db x-trackers. These are exchange traded funds with the objective of replicating the performance of an index abroad. 
What this means is that you can now buy the very best baskets of companies, not only in the United States, but even Japan and most exciting, the top companies in the world. 
If you ever needed another string in your bow, db x-trackers will give you the best opportunity to trade international companies right here at home and I’ll be telling my Index Trader members all about exactly how to do it. 
As you can tell, I’m thrilled about these new ETF’s and my subscribers are in for some new and exciting index trades.
”I’ve made 114% profit over the last six months” – Arno van der Merwe, FSP Financial Alliance subscriber
Find out how you could be reaping in Alliance profits like these here.

Join Index Trader today and put the power of these eCFDs to work for you!

These eCFDs will enable index traders to really go global now. 
And if you want to profit from the best they have to offer, you need to do two things:  Firstly, sign up for my Index Trader service so you can receive the trades the instant I spot them. Secondly, open a trading account so you can get into these trades and start profiting. 
I’ll be sending out my first international trade in the next few days so if you hurry, you can join me and trade the world.


Finally, you can trade the world! And it's all thanks to the JSE's new eCFDs
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