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HOLD ON - Ask these 5 questions before you take your next trade

by , 18 March 2022
HOLD ON - Ask these 5 questions before you take your next trade
The hardest decision as a trader, can you guess what it is?

No, it's the learning of how a trading platform works - you can learn this in two days.

It's not the depositing of money - you can do this with a mere credit card.

And it's not opening an account with a broker - this can take up to 10 minutes nowadays.

One of the most difficult decisions you'll make with trading, is actually pressing that one button to get you into your trade.

The trade lines up, you see the setup - and yet you just fail to push that button.

You have silly excuses running through your head including:

1. Unexpected news announcements with Russia Vs Ukraine,

2. Psychological market price levels that pop up

3. Gut feeling where you just feel it's going to be a loser

4. Opinions from others where you have analysts and co-workers telling you
they disagree with buying a market in this state

It's unnecessary and external points like these that will stop you from ever taking that trade.

But I'm going to stop that from happening today.

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5 Questions you need to ask to guarantee trade execution

I’ve told you many times that psychology is 90% of the trading journey.

And no this isn’t just a motivational article, we’re way past that.

This is a reference guide with five questions you need to ask, the next time a trade lines up and you need to take a trade.

Ask and answer these questions out loudly to help you execute your trade easily the next time.

Question 1:
Do I have a strategy or plan?

First, you need make sure you have a proven and profitable strategy.

Or else how else will you take a trade?

Whether you’re following:
•    Your own proven trading strategy
•    My 20 year highly successful MATI Trader System
•    The 9 year popular Red Hot Storm Trader service

You first need to establish you have a strategy and system to follow each time.

Once you have one of the above, move onto the next question.  

Question 2:
Has a trade lined up?

Next, you’ll need to know if a trade has lined up according to a proven and tested trading strategy.

Whether your trading system is a swing, indicator, mean reversion, Gartley, moving average, volume or a price action system like the MATI Trader System.

Or if you receive a high probability trading setup with all the levels you need to get into your trade from a service like Red Hot Storm Trader - you'll need to have the green light to know when a trade has lined up and whether it’s ready for the go.  

Question 3:
Do I know where to place my trading levels?

Once a trade has lined up, you'll need to know or calculate exactly where to enter, place your entry, stop loss (for risk) and take profit (for reward) levels.

These three levels are essential for entering your trade.

This way you'll have a systematic approach with every trading position you take.


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I'll then add your email address and cell number to my system so you can start making a profit...

And very shortly, you'll receive an SMS that could make you R1,984, R2,990 or even R2,878.

Please note – you have a full three months to try this out, and you can cancel at any time...

So, don't waste another minute.

Claim your risk-free trial today, and I'll be in touch very soon.

Question 4:
Do I know how much to put into my trade?

Next is position sizing.

Trading is one big risk to reward game.

You'll need to choose an exact percentage of your portfolio that you're willing to risk to gain with each trade.  

With high probability trades, I never risk more than 2% of my portfolio.
With medium probability trades, I drop that risk to 1.5% of my portfolio per trade.

At this point, you also need to know how many CFDs you’ll need to buy/sell to make sure your risk is low. You can read this in my trading book –
Trading Made Simple. You’ll get this when you sign up to a free 90 day trial with Red Hot Storm Trader.

Question 5:
Am I ready to press the button?

Finally, you'll need to do final checks.

This is where you’ll confirm with the strategy, check all your trading price levels and position sizes to confirm the that you’re ready to push the button to get you into your trade.

Once all is ready, you just need to do just one more thing.

Push that BUY or SELL button.

Those are the only questions you'll ever need to enter a trade.  

Print this article out… Read it out loud and you’ll have everything you need to take your next trade…

Until time,

Trade well, live free.

Timon Rossolimos
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader

PS.  Struggling to find the trades, then let me help you... I run a service called
Red Hot Trader, where i do the hard work for you. I'll tell you what to buy and when to sell.  You just need to open an acocunt... I tell you how to do that as well.... and then if you can do Question 5. Push the button!  Why not push this button now and get started on your 90 day risk-free trial...

HOLD ON - Ask these 5 questions before you take your next trade
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