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How you can profit from a trading system with a win rate of over 84%

by , 13 February 2014

Since the beginning of October last year, this trading system hasn't had a single losing trading. And over the past 12 months, the rate of winners over losers is a staggering 84.2%. So how can you get your slice of gains like 105%, 144.93% and 101.04%? Read on to discover the secret…

The real beauty of short-term trading is that it's perfect for making profits in any market. That's because you can make money from share prices going up, OR going down. You'll profit regardless!

And here’s the good news: Whether you're a complete trading novice to or already have experience, there’s a trading system that could make you substantial gains every few weeks of the year with just a few minutes' work.

And these gains are well within your reach.

These trades are very time-sensitive and short-term. In fact, in some cases it was crucial that you bought and sold the share at precisely the right time to capture the profits. Leave it a day too late and the opportunity would be gone.

Right now, one trader’s sitting on an incredible 11 trade winning streak!

Meet Warren Jeffrey, the analyst of Capital Wave Trader and the man who wants to tell you about these fantastic buys.

In his weekly email trading service, he tells a select group of keen traders about every single dynamite trading opportunity he comes across.

In the last three months, he helped traders bag 105% in BHP Billiton, 144.93% in Assore and 101.04% in Old Mutual.

And if you’re not sure about this trading system, Capital Wave Trader, you have three months to test it out, absolutely risk-free.

Not only do you have the opportunity to profit from Warren’s tips, you’ll also receive a step-by step guide to trading. This will show you:
  • How to make successful trades;
  • Why trading is a serious alternative to your traditional stockbroker;
  • How margins work;
  • And much more…
By signing up for a risk-free three month membership to Capital Wave Trader, you get the chance to see how you too can make fast, fantastic returns.

Returns like 105%, 144.93% and 101.04%.

If that sounds worth your while, read more about how you can join Warren’s Capital Wave Trader and uncover how you can get in on a trading system that’s sitting on 11 winning trades in a row.

How you can profit from a trading system with a win rate of over 84%
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