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Imagine banking a whopping gain of 192.52% from six straight winning trades in just two months…

by , 05 November 2015

Trading the stock market with contracts for difference (CFDs) and other derivatives can be risky. This can put some would-be traders off. They're simply too nervous to go it alone.

Well, what if I told you there was a way that you can make money from trading the stock market without having to go it alone.

And that you stand to benefit from an incredible winning streak that's already made members 192.52% in just two months, with not a losing trade in sight.


Read on…

How you can benefit from this incredible run of winning trades

Over the past two months, Timon Rossolimos has made his loyal members an accumulative gain of 192.52% trading CFDs. He’s done this by giving them six spot-on trades, with not a losing trade in sight.
Timon is a professional trader. He’s spent several years honing his stock picking strategy. A strategy he calls the ‘Top Share’ strategy.
And his ‘Top Share’ strategy is most definitely paying off…
In mid-September, Timon led his members to bank 15.01% from Woolies and 18.40% from Foschini in just a couple of days.
The following week, he helped his members bank 7.41% from shorting Discovery.
The week after that, his members made profits of 6.36% and 94.89% from the All Share Index
And just yesterday, his members banked another 50.46% from a long Old Mutual trade.

How you too can start raking in trading profits

That’s a pretty impressive run and you can imagine how pleased him members are with his performance from his top trading strategy.
To ensure you don’t miss out on Timon’s next hot tip, you can join him on his winning Red Hot STORM Trader service.
By becoming a member of Red Hot STORM Trader, you too could be in the position to make nearly 200% in just two months.
Want to find out more? Click here for more details.
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Imagine banking a whopping gain of 192.52% from six straight winning trades in just two months…
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