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Revealed: A winning CFD trading strategy that could leave you 411.25% better off in 10 days

by , 03 March 2014

Can you imagine banking profits of over 411% in just ten days? Making gains like 105%, 72.46% and 101.04% regularly. With this simple CFD trading strategy, gains like this are within your grasp. And this trading strategy makes bagging potential gains incredibly easy. There's no frantic trading involved and you don't have to constantly check your email…

Identifying market “sparks” that’ll set shares soaring

When it comes to making money trading CFDs, you can make large profits from a trading strategy that harnesses market “sparks”.

These “sparks” are like lightning strikes. Harnessing them is no easy task. But this trading strategy can identify the perfect time to enter a trade.

And that’s exactly what Warren Jeffrey, the editor of Capital Wave Trader, can help you do. He’s the mastermind behind this winning CFD trading strategy.

A trading strategy that predicts when the big moves upwards are coming by identifying a market “spark”. And it’s helped him bag 411% in a ten day period. This include gains like 105% on BHP Billiton, 72.46% on Discovery and 101.04% on Old Mutual.


Well, to achieve these winning gains, Warren’s Capital Wave Trader looks to only the best companies showing the hottest profit potential in sectors that are ready to skyrocket.

Get Warren to tell you when his CFD trading strategy next unearths a “spark”

By becoming a Capital Wave Trader member, Warren will SMS you the minute his strategy comes across a market “spark” that could potentially lead to a double- or triple-digit gain.

Not only have you got the chance to profit from Warren’s market “sparks,” you’ll receive your essential e-report on everything you need to know about successful trading.

And if you’re not convinced about this trading strategy, you can try it out for three months, absolutely risk-free.

If you want a chance to bank over 411% in ten days, read more about how you can join Warren’s Capital Wave Trader here.

Revealed: A winning CFD trading strategy that could leave you 411.25% better off in 10 days
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