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The only package you need to trade successfully

by , 18 February 2022
The only package you need to trade successfully
What if I told you… this is all you'll ever need to take your trading profits to a whole new level?

You will Never need to buy another product.

You will Never need to attend another event.

You will Never have to worry about technical jargon.

And you WILL realise how easy the process is within just a few hours.
Allow me to introduce myself…
My name is Timon Rossolimos, 34 years of age.
I spent just close to two decades trading from my office at home.
I then decided to travel the world and today, as I type this, I am trading from a small island in Greece living the life I always wanted.
I started 18 years ago trading from my home in South Africa and I’ve never looked back.
Along the journey, I made COUNTLESS mistakes. In fact, in the first five years I made more mistakes than I did in the following 13 years.
And these mistakes nearly destroyed me. Not only financially but emotionally as well.
I was trading shares while in school then moved to Penny Stocks, Yield-X, futures and warrants throughout University LONG before I even began trading CFDs.
I then went on to become one of the top breakout traders in South Africa and the head trader for FSPInvest Research between 2013 – 2021.
Joining FSPInvest allowed me to focus my full attention on trading using my breakout trading strategy.
I thought trading would be plain sailing.
Boy was I wrong, and it hurt more than you can imagine…
The first year I lost over 20% of my account
After losing a large portion of my portfolio and admitting “I” was a failure at trading, I set out to re-learn the rules, methods and psychology into this new venture…
It got to the point where I:
    Attended expensive seminars again.
    Downloaded trading programmes that came to over R17,000 p.a.
    Watched countless hours of trading on YouTube and Instagram.
    Bought every trading book on Amazon, trading newsletter and other general trading books at Exclusive books.
Before I knew it, I was attending dinners and events with some of the most successful and legit traders world-wide, who are now dear friends.
They wanted to learn more about breakout stock trading and they helped me with learning the nuts and bolts of trading.
In turn, I began to share my knowledge with hundreds and thousands of FSPInvest readers.
I received hundreds of emails a month… And answered thousands of trading questions in that time from people wanting to learn how to trade for a living.
That’s when I decided to approach my publisher…
I told Annabel, new traders are clamouring for a program that reveals all the secrets, tips and strategies for the best way to trade and I think after 18 years, I really do have the answers and I’d like to share it with my readers.
As a result, I developed an extremely easy to use trading system to show the most novice trader how to bank regular gains on a weekly and monthly basis.

The only package you need to trade successfully
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